WordPress Themes: Simple or Complex?

Smashing Magazine has posted 49 simple themes, which highlights many great sites that get the job done without the extra bells and whistles.  One of the sites highlighted is Text Link Ads, which has a sleek, yet simple design that gets the job done.  This is an interesting concept for a post, which got me thinking about the importance of a websites design.   In the world of feeds that we live in now, people don’t physically visit your website very often anymore, unless its to comment occasionally.

Maybe its just my technology side speaking, but I personally enjoy a lot of features on a website.  I’ve had many people tell me that they prefer simplicity and let the content speak for itself.   Which do you prefer?

  • Jason Drohn

    looks fantastic! That’s what I am talking about!

    Did you see my source code or just create it?

  • Kyle Eslick

    I was inspired primarily by your theme and John’s theme.

    I started out trying to get it to look like my Typepad blog, and the postmetadata adjustments were really easy to do myself. Afterwards, the sidebar was really crowded, so I decided I needed to move a lot of the functionality to the top above the banner.

    Then I made the banner adjustments, but I’m having major troubles trying to get it to work in IE6 (does anyone use this anymore?). The banner ads look all funky. It looks fine in IE7 and Firefox, though, so most of my readers won’t notice it.

    Anyway, so far this site has been a great learning experience, so I’m trying to do this stuff myself. Unfortunately, my first two attempts didn’t work right, so I admit I had to consult your source code to figure out what I was doing wrong. My problems were with the Stylesheet functions, which required some minor adjustments.

    If it looks to similar to yours, please let me know and I’ll switch it back or figure something else out. I’m going to continue to adjust it over the coming weeks so it looks as different as possible. 😉 I love the way yours looks, but I don’t want mine to look like a copy of it. I’m using different margins and spacing, different colors (obviously) and some different padding amounts. I’ll be making some other adjustments over the coming weeks to help, and I might move the navigation bar below the logo.

    What do you think?