What is Keyword Sniping?

About a month ago I reviewed a tool called Micro Niche Finder, which is an SEO tool designed to help bloggers find out how much traffic and competition there are for smaller keywords. The idea is that you can easily rank highly in these keywords with only a minimal amount of work. So, once you’ve found your niche, how do you go about actually attacking that keyword?

Well, keyword sniping of course. This is a method I’ve used, and I know several others that have also found a great deal of success by taking over low traffic keywords. There are a few different ways to go about, but most people in the know keep fairly quiet about their techniques. For people interested, I was able to dig up a post written a little while ago by Courtney Tuttle giving a very well written introduction to keyword sniping. His post covers the general idea behind keyword sniping and explains how anyone can make money online doing this.

The nice thing about this method is that it requires very minimal maintenance. Set up your blog and a few posts, then sit back and let your site mature with age. One thing I would recommend that Courtney didn’t cover is to make a very AdSense friendly WordPress theme and use it as a template. That way each time you launch a new site, you can use that same theme and just plug in the specific information for the niche you are attacking.

Have any good keyword sniping stories to share?

  • I have heard of Keyword sniping but never looked into it. Thanks for the link to Courts keyword sniping article.

    I am reading it now and it’s very interesting, so I think I will be giving this a try. Hope to start before the week is out.

  • Great article by Court there. I have just subscribed to Court & Vic’s feeds and will try to use all the excellent information they are dishing out everyday! if only I can use 10% of what they hand out, I know I can double what I am making right now which isn’t much at all! 🙂

  • I’ve got MNF and I’ve not had chance to use it in anger properly yet, but for just optimising my current blog’s content I’ve found it rather useful and made some interesting discoveries…now to try and make some cash from them….the trickier part!

  • Simon, I remember that you purchased MNF. Did you say that you haven’t had time to use it, or need help properly using it? Let me know and I can help you with providing some tips using the program. Also you should check out James Jones support site as well. James is a pretty cool guy. Very down to earth and extremely supportive towards his customers.

  • Kelly

    For your keyword research try using KeywordSpy.com – a keyword research technology that will help you know what keywords your competitors are using and how it generates money for them, you can use those keywords to drive traffic to your site and give your business the exposure it needs. It offers Free trials.-

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  • Biodun

    Thanks for post, have heard of it but haven’t tried it. I really need to work on targeting more keywords, its a technique that I will be trying on my next site.

  • Carlos

    This is a nice idea for developing new websites. Finding keywords that can pay well is one of the difficult parts of the business. Any technique to get new ideas for creating niche websites is interesting.