Thunderbird Add-on: Buttons

Download Squad has posted about a nice Thunderbird Add-on known as Buttons. If you use Thunderbird as your E-mail client, you’ve probably noticed the lack of buttons in the default build. With the addition of this add-on you can get some of those missing buttons back, helping to make it look more like Microsoft Outlook or another desktop E-mail clients.

On a side note, it looks like Thunderbird will be going to a release candidate build soon for version 2.0. This version was supposed to be out in mid 2006, so hopefully its worth the wait. I’m currently using the Beta 2 version available and have been very pleased so far.

Thunderbird users may also be interested in Google Operating System’s article about how to Add GMail features to Thunderbird.  GMail and Thunderbird are two of my favorite applications, so this was a great find for me!