The Four P’s of Affiliate Marketing

You may have heard before about the four “P’s” of Marketing.   This is a common saying within the marketing niche to describe Product, Price, Promotion, and Placement.

This is something people will often think of when talking about marketing in our day-to-day lives, but I’ve found that it also extends itself well to internet marketing as a whole, and affiliate marketing specifically.

The Four P’s of Affiliate Marketing

  1. Product – Researching and finding the right product to sell.  Would people want to buy this?  Is there are a lot of competition?
  2. Price – This one goes two ways.  Is the product affordable to the consumer and is the affiliate payout worth your time?  Find a product that is in demand and that will pay you a decent share of the earnings (usually 20%+).
  3. Promotion – Possibly the most commonly forgotten.  Most affiliate marketers use a variety of PPC tactics to get traffic, but there are also link building and article marketing methods to promote your new site(s).
  4. Placement – Have you strategically placed your product on the correct domain name?  Especially when dealing with small niche sites, strong generic domains or strong keyword domains will go a long way to help you find success.

Many people think affiliate marketing is easy money.   In my June income report, I mentioned that I made around $2200.00, most of which was profit.   This was an accurate figure, but when you factor in roughly 40-50 hours a week working on it (on top of 40 hours at my day job), that only works out to about $10.00 an hour, which is nothing to get excited about.

The thing I like about this is that work I’ve done in the past continues to generate income each month, so the work I’m doing now will hopefully add to that income.   That is the brilliance of affiliate marketing, especially when a niche you find stays relevant for many years.

Overall, it is all about perspective and motivation, which is why I’ve worked so hard to set you guys up for success.  I have a bunch of things I’ve been trying, but have a lot more risk involved and I don’t want any of you to fail early on and get discouraged.   That is why my early focus has been on things like BANS and keyword sniping.   Things that at worst should make you your money back and help you get use to the world of affiliate marketing.

  • It’s interesting that you brought up the whole pay per hour thing because that’s something that you rarely here in the blogosphere but something that at least deserves a thought.

    Of course I’m not saying that you should stop what you’re doing esp because as you get better I’m sure you’re going to be making more per hour, but even if you don’t… Probably more fun than the day job I’m guessing? (#):)

  • @ Bush – You’re absolutely right. If you figure that my day job is my 40 hours a week, then my 40-50 hours online each week is “overtime.” Unfortunately, I don’t get time and a half for it! 😀

    The reason I brought it up is that some people that make a lot of money online don’t tell you just how hard they work. Could I release a one page eBook that says the secret to success is working hard? I think people would get mad, especially if I charged for it! But it is the best tip you can possibly give someone. Work hard and fail alot…