Technology Talk – 05/22/2007

There are a lot of great things happening around the blogosphere.  Here are a few that peaked my interest:

  • CyberCapital covers several basic Firefox tips for people looking to get a little more out of their web browser.
  • Smashing Magazine has posted 60 Elegant and Visually Appealing Designs.  As always, it includes pictures and links to the designs. 
  • E Logo Design has posted a list of the best logo design tutorials found around the internet.
  • John Chow has found a new way to make money online.  You can now pay him $10.00 a month to remove the no follow tag from your comments on his site.  This means your comments with count as “link juice” for the search engines, showing John has linked to you.  As his site is established and has a Google PageRank of 6, I imagine many people will take him up on this offer.  You can also pay him $30.00 for use of the plugin on your own site. 
  • CyberHackz has posted 300 Crystal Clear icons that you can get for free.  The only catch is you have to save them individually, rather than diong a mass download.
  • JohnTP explains how to place YouTube videos on your WordPress blog.   A couple of weeks ago I was having troubles posting YouTube videos on this site, so I went through the process of finding an appropriate plugin.  It would have been helpful if this had been written then, as it has a lot of great information. 

  • thanks for the linkback. 🙂

  • Kyle Eslick

    No problem. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • James Schwahn

    John Chow is evil, hes making mad cash off that blog with every little thing possible. Smart guy.

  • Kyle Eslick

    John Chow is brilliant. The sad thing is, his blog is his part time job. He has a full time job during the day where his primary income comes from!