Taking Advantage of Opportunities as They Present Themselves

Earlier this week I talked a bit about being a free affiliate, and what opportunities are passing many people by. Many of us blog for free because we enjoy it, but there is no reason you can’t be getting paid for the things you are already doing, right?

I think the post was well received overall, but I’m not sure everyone understood the point of that post. There was no showing off involved as many of these affiliate websites others have make $250.00 or more PER DAY and they run 100+ sites. I was simply trying to give my readers a push towards going out and attempting to better themselves.

Why is this important? There has never been a better time than now (okay, maybe a couple years ago) to get started affiliate marketing. I mean, it is just now truly starting to take off as more companies see themselves falling behind their competitors, who are finding success with the help of their affiliates. Once they start offering an affiliate program as well, affiliate marketers get more and more options, and the affiliate percentages continue to go up. And the best part? These aren’t infomercial products and other worthless products either. Most large companies you are already promoting have affiliate programs these days.

For example, I’ve got a network of comic book sites that have a huge selection of companies to work with, making it easy for me to focus each individual site on specific comic book characters or comic companies, and in turn place very specific and relevant affiliate advertisements on those sites. I also have a toy site (and no, I won’t get more specific than toy site) that has a large choices of companies to be affiliated with. I even have a recipe site that is making quite a few sales through Amazon’s affiliate program.

Most of these sites started out as random domains I had sitting in my account unused and so I decided to start using them. Others are domains I specifically registered to create niche sites with. They all use different companies as affiliates, but they are mostly all profitable. The few that aren’t after a years time will be dropped. I’ve come to the conclusion that pretty much any website or blog these days can be a successful affiliate for someone if you put some effort into tracking down those affiliate programs.

In the United States, there is a recession happening (whether they admit it or not, I live here and it is), but the online economy has never been healthier. Each year large corporations advertising/affiliate budgets go up, so there has never been a better time in my opinion to get started with affiliate marketing in some form. 90% of the world still is not online and when they are, they will begin buying products online. Much of Asia is starting to go online. It is truly a great opportunity for anyone to make some extra cash.

You’ll notice that my past few posts have not housed any affiliate links. That is because I’m not really trying to sell you anything here, other than the idea of starting to use affiliate marketing to make some money. Affiliate programs are all free to join, so there is no reason to put off joining them and growing your site(s) around them. I think if you take a look around the internet, you’ll see all sorts of opportunities that will present themselves. The question is whether or not you will take advantage of these opportunities.

  • Richard H

    Kyle, I’ve only been following Slickmania for awhile, but as a blogger I’m finding your articles very informative and helpful. I’ll certainly be implementing many of the things I’ve learned here.

    Great site—keep up the good work.

    Many thanks.

  • Kyle Eslick

    @ Richard – Thanks for stopping by Slickmania! It is always great to hear that people are finding some of these posts useful. If you go a few posts in a row without any comments you start to wonder after awhile.

    I’ll keep writing as long as people are interested. :mrgreen:

  • Richard H

    If you go a few posts in a row without any comments you start to wonder after awhile. ~Kyle Eslick

    I know all about that. 🙂

    I’ve found some very useful info on Slickmania, Kyle. I’ll certainly be checking in from time to time.


  • Kyle Eslick

    @ Richard – Thanks again for your support both here and over at Hack WordPress. :mrgreen: