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If you are like me, you probably spend a lot of time each week looking for ways to make money online. One company I recently checked out TNX is a fairly new text link advertising platform designed to bring together both advertisers and publishers by offering an easy way for advertisers to get links and for publishers to make money selling links. Depending on your situation, you can actually advertise your site/blog and generate additional income at the same time, which we’ll talk about a little later. First, lets look a little bit at from both the advertisers and publishers perspective.

Advertising with TNX

Setting up an advertising campaign is not very difficult with TNX. They provide an easy to use Ad Campaign Wizard, which is designed to make it easy for advertisers to set up their advertising campaign. With this wizard you can control where you advertise, including location, website category, Google PageRank, and Yahoo Backlinks. Once you’ve established a budget to work with, you can then figure out how many points you can purchase within your budget using their advertising calculator.

Once you’re ready, you can easily load your advertisement on to the TNX registry in one of two ways. If you have a large campaign, you can upload a text file containing your advertisements. For advertisers wanting to launch a smaller campaign (wanting under 2000 links), you can use the provided form.

Publishers earn TNX points simply by placing the provided code to display TNX text link ads on their webpages (usually in the sidebar). As text links are displayed, the publisher acquires TNX points. Each month you can take the acquired points and turn them into money in one of two ways. You can either sell them directly to TNX for a fixed price, or you can negotiate with other publishers to sell the points directly to them at your price. There is a minimum payout of $5.00 and all payments are made each month via Paypal.

The cool thing about earning points is that you can turn in part of your earned points for cash, while still reinvesting some points into advertising your website with TNX.

Other cool features:

  • Find Relevant Links – TNX allows you to control who advertises with you so that you can make sure you only display relevant links.
  • Earning Calculator – Get help estimating how much you can make with their earnings calculator. This calculator takes into account your Google PageRank and link popularity.
  • Code Choices – gives you the choice of using Perl or PHP code, with a variant PHP code available for caching advertisments (to reduce bandwidth and server loads).

TNX Affiliate Program

If you are interested in making money online, but aren’t interested in buying/selling links, you may want to look into the TNX affiliate program. While many similar companies have a set payout per referral, TNX gives a higher percentage back (13.3%) by allowing you to earn TNX points based upon the earnings of the people you refer.

Sound good? Ready to sign up? You can register for your free TNX account on their registration page, or check out a current promotion for 5,000 free points (to be used for advertising).

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