An Update And Committing Myself to Twitter…

Some of you may have noticed that the posting schedule here has been umm…..light lately. While I’ve tried to maintain a posting schedule here of at least twice a week, circumstances have required most of my attention to be shifted towards some of my other projects that I’ve tried to get up and running.

Most of my blogging time has been committed to maintaining Hack WordPress because it brings in about 85% of my online income. For those that enjoyed my discussions on domaining and developing domain names, I’ve moved most of these types of posts to their own spot over to Slick Domains, which is the business name I operate my domain profile under. Lastly, for anyone else that has Celiac Disease (or knows someone that does) and has an interest in reading about that kind of stuff, I’ve launched a site called Gluten Free Resource. This site will house all things related to Celiac and living Gluten Free, including recipes, restaurant locations, etc.

So, that is what I’ve been up to. I’m hoping to resume my regular posting schedule here in the next couple weeks. I’m planning on discussing more of the usual topics, including Firefox 3.0, niche blogging, affiliate marketing, etc. If there is anything you want to get my take on, please post it below.

In the meantime, I’m going to be making an extra effort to keep my Twitter account up to date for anyone that wants to keep up with me. I know I wasn’t a big Twitter fan before (and its still slowly growing on me), but that has changed a little. Now that I’m managing so many things, I’ve started to really see the value of Twitter. If you’re interested, you can follow my Twitter updates from my profile page. Also, if you have a Twitter account, please post your details in a comment below so I can follow your updates as well. 😀