The SEO Benefits of Article Marketing

Are you using article marketing to increase your niche sites inbound links?   Recently the Affiliate Classroom blog wrote a great post about the importance of article marketing, and why this strategy is possibly the best SEO for affiliate marketers.   After reading through it, I wanted to mention it here.

There are actually 8 reasons listed, but I wanted to point out a few important ones that I think people fail to think about:

Links are one-way. Some SEO experts believe that search engines downplay reciprocal links in their results calculations. While reciprocal links can still be valuable, they don’t count as much as one-way links to your site. Article directories give you a one-way link.

Links are guaranteed. If you’ve never asked a webmaster for a link before, it can feel a bit intimidating. But when you submit articles to directories, you know you won’t get turned down. Seeing those backlinks show up in the SERPs is a nice confidence booster, especially if your site is brand new. As long as your articles are of good quality, they will also send you targeted visitors for a long time to come.

Links per page are fewer. This is a little known, but valuable benefit. Some SEO experts believe that the higher the number of links per page, the less SEO value each link will have. But the link back to your site in an article directory is usually only one of only a few links on the page.

Backlinks soon multiply. Article sites exist for a reason – to provide other webmasters with access to free, quality content. So just one article, in just one directory, can actually turn into hundreds of links, as webmaster after webmaster finds your article and uses it.

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Learn Article Marketing with Article Marketing Domination

When you become an affiliate marketer, one concept you need to become very familiar with is link building.  In other words, you need to learn how to generate inbound links to your niche website or blog that you’ve created.   This is especially critical when you are not adding much content to the website.

There are two popular strategies often used to build inbound links.  These two choices are using web directories and using article directories.   In the past I’ve talked about blog directories, so I figured with this post I would cover article directories, which I’ll admit is a method I’ve only begun experimenting with recently.

The basic idea behind article directories is that you can write an article of your own website, then submit it to several article directories.   These sites get free content for their website and you will get credit for both an inbound link to your website, as well as an opportunity to sell your product to the reader.  If your small niche site focuses on 1-2 products, tease the product in your post so people will click the link at the bottom and head over to your website.   As long as the article directory stays in good favor with the search engines, you get credit for a link, a chance to help sell your product, and it has more of a long-term gain over using link directories.

If you think about it, the power of article marketing should be obvious, but learning some of the little tricks to launching a successful promotion can sometimes take months and even years to learn.    That is why I turned to Josh Spaulding’s Article Marketing Domination eBook for guidance, because Josh bares all when sharing his secrets to success.

In his eBook, Josh goes into detail about how to write your article to improve clicks, which article directories offer the most benefits, etc.   Much of this stuff I could probably have picked up on my own, but it would have taken years of experimenting and documenting results to get the information I got from Josh’s eBook.

If you are interested in learning more about article marketing, I recommend you check out Josh’s eBook, which has received excellent reviews from many of the internet’s top affiliates!