Why Won’t I Share My Affiliate Sites With Readers?

A couple of emails and comments recently have come to me inquiring about why I don’t provide specific examples of my affiliate sites, BANS sites, etc.   While I certainly understand that it would be ideal if I provided specific sites you could click over and examine closely, there is actually a reason that I don’t.  Well, there are actually two reasons that I don’t, and I figured I would share them in this post.

  1. Niche Theft – Maybe even more so than the Make Money Online niche, Affiliate Marketers (especially upstart ones) often take each others ideas.   That is why I stressed in my previous post how important it is to find people that you trust.   If I shared on this site which niche sites are making me the most money, I guarantee I would magically see several clone sites within a few days.  This is especially true for BANS sites, as it is pretty darn easy to mimic someone else’s BANS site because most of the changes will be in the stylesheet, which people ‘View Source’ and copy on to their BANS themes.
  2. Experience – Trust me when I say that experience is HUGE in affiliate marketing.  In other words, no matter how much myself or anyone else helps you, you will only learn how to truly succeed through trial and error.   I would say 3 out of every 5 sites I launch fail, but these are the experiences that I covet the most and that motivate me to keep refining my techniques.

Though I encourage everyone just starting out to do plenty of trial and error, one thing I do recommend is once you find a niche that does well, or at least is profitable, attack that niche!   Make a cluster of websites in that niche before moving on.   An example would be if you find success in the Barbie (toy) niche, maybe launch a Barbie poster site, Barbie clothing site, and/or whatever other Barbie stuff is selling.   You could also inter-link these sites (as long as the content is similar) and benefit that way.

On a side note, I have launched a couple actual sites (not niche sites) and plan to blog about some of these sites here and what methods I’m taking to monetize them.  Hopefully some of you will have an interest in that.

Don’t Sweat the Summer Slowdown

As you probably already know, pretty much every business has a slowdown period, and the world of affiliate marketing is no different.   Typically in the summer both traffic and conversions take a hit, and for certain niche markets, it is sometimes often known to be extreme. If you aren’t one of the lucky people that has a profitable summer site (such as a Fireworks site), this can sometimes be discouraging.

Fortunately, things always pick up in the fall and of course Black Friday/Cyber Monday and the holiday season follow shortly after.  I guess my point is just if things aren’t stellar right now, keep working hard and your hard work you are doing now should pay off later in the year.  I know many of you are just starting out, or just ramping up your affiliate campaigns now, so I just want to make sure no one gets discouraged and quits during the summer slowdown period.

Oh, and if you use a lot of Google AdWords PPC marketing, one thing you may want to consider is lowering your bids percantage with Google’s scheduling feature. You can lower your bids, then schedule your percentage to return to normal around September.