Importance of Finding Affiliate Marketers You Can Trust

Most of you will remember that last month I gave my thoughts on the Make Money Online (MMO) niche.   Basically (in my opinion) if one of those guys is talking about something, they are either being compensated for talking about it (paid reviews), or they are getting paid when you purchase it (affiliate payments).   In other words, pretty much every post they make is self-servicing in some way.  Trust me when I say that people that make money online aren’t eager to share their secrets without some compensation, and overall these people are no different.  Most of the people that are actually making money online, are to busy doing that to blog and help others.

One thing I like about affiliate marketers is the community that has formed around the industry.   Though an affiliate marketer typically won’t give you the exact URL of their top performing websites (with good reason as readers would copy it or compete with it), they are often very open and honest about their techniques and more than willing to help others.

One strong method I recommend to people entering this field is to find a very select group of people (3-4) that you can trust.   Within this group, everyone should be 100% open and honest with each other about their business models and an understanding should be in place that you will not directly compete with others in the group.   This way when you have a new idea, you can run it by the group and get their input before spending the time and money involved with launching a new campaign.   With this method you can use others input to save a lot of time and money launching bad campaigns, and you can help your friends to succeed at the same time!

Unfortunately, the life of an affiliate marketer can sometimes be very secluded as most sites are run anonymously.   I’ve found that some good ways to meet people are by running an affiliate marketing blog and probably more important is to be active on message boards.  If your budget allows it, you’ll also want to consider attending affiliate conventions, etc.

I have a few people that I have business partnerships with online and it has been a great experience for me.  I’m pretty open with them on what projects/websites I’m building, what strategies I’m using to monetize them, etc.  They do the same with me, and all ideas are kept confidential.  These are business relationships and even friendships that I truly value as they have helped me grow as a blogger, affiliate marketer, and more.