Affiliate Income Report – July 2008

Last month I published the second of my monthly Affiliate Income Report series with my June Affiliate Income Report, which is basically a report of how much income is being generated by me via affiliate marketing.  As is the case on most blogs that do similar reports each month, this has grown to be one of my most popular posts, so I figured I would continue it again this month.

July Affiliate Marketing Income Report

So, how’d I do?

  • E-Junkie – $1916.60 ($1279.10)
  • Clickbank – $181.90 ($159.64)
  • Commission Junction – $0.00 ($4.79)
  • Amazon Associates – $10.50 ($0.54)
  • eBay Partner Network – $122.88 ($195.31)
  • Other Miscellaneous Affiliates – $776.00 ($398.35)
  • Gross Income: $3,007.88 ($2,037.73)
  • Advertising Costs/Banners Purchased: $680.20 ($108.00)
  • Total Net Income: $2,327.68 ($1,929.73)

**All numbers in quotes represent the previous months income figures**

July was a very interesting month for me personally.   I dropped promoting some of my BANS sites to see what would happen and it definitely made a difference in a bad way.  BANS is still generating great income though without purchasing PPC income and everything after the first three months has all been pure profit.   I always said that my goal with BANS was to get domains to pay for their own renewals so I can grow my domain portfolio (sitting at about 250 right now).   Going forward, my plan is to take my BANS income and start renewing the domains I want to keep now so that I won’t have so many come up for renewal all at once.  Google also trusts domains renewed out more than a year or two so this may have a positive influence on my site rankings as well.

The other thing you’ll probably notice right away is that both my E-Junkie income and my miscellaneous affiliate accounts both went up quite a bit.   My hope is that this is a trend that will continue, though I haven’t been able to pinpoint which changes made the big difference.   If I figure that out, I will share my findings in a future post!

You’ll also notice the expenses went up quite a bit.   For one, I had a number of domains come up for renewal.  Also, due to my lack of design abilities, I have been purchasing some new logos a few of my sites, and I also managed to make a couple significant domain name purchases that I am REALLY excited about.  I won’t be releasing any details at this time, but I have possession of the domains and will let you know when there are details to announce.

Expectations for August’s Online Income

I mentioned last month that I had a big project I was working on through July, and a couple of days ago you probably saw my announcement of that project, which was the Success with WordPress eBook.  Sales have been good so far and those that have read the eBook have given it some great reviews, so I hope this trend will continue (this income wasn’t disclosed above because it isn’t affiliate generated income).   Remember, even if you don’t want to purchase the book, you can make some extra income by promoting Success with WordPress.  See the affiliate page for additional information.

For the month of August, my hope is simply to get these two new domains developed and started generating some income.  In the meantime, I’m hoping my existing affiliate sites and blogs will continue to generate a similar income to July’s income.

Affiliate Income Report – June 2008

Last month I kicked off a new monthly Affiliate Income Report series with my May Affiliate Income Report, which is basically a report of how much income is being generated by me via affiliate marketing.   Overall, I would say that it received a positive response, so consider this to be the second installment!

This series was originally created because I’ve found that the blogosphere has been filled with a lot of distrust lately due to the many “Make Money Online” blogs launched by pretty much everyone, yet most fail to bring in even $100.00 income.   Do you really want to take advice on how to make money from someone that isn’t?   I’ve also found that this series also serves as a great way for me to gauge my progress over time as Apricot Media continues to grow.

June Affiliate Marketing Income Report

So, how’d I do?

  • E-Junkie – $1279.10 ($1,269.21)
  • Clickbank – $159.64 ($176.09)
  • Commission Junction – $4.79 ($1.69)
  • Amazon Associates – $0.54 ($21.87)
  • eBay Partner Network – $195.31 ($89.08)
  • Other Miscellaneous Affiliates – $398.35 ($395.55)


  • Gross Income: $2,037.73 ($1,953.49)
  • Advertising Costs/Banners Purchased: $108.00 ($85.00)
  • Total Net Income: $1,929.73 ($1,868.49)

**All numbers in quotes represent the previous months income figures**

You’ll probably notice that this months figures look a little different.  That is because last month I talked about total online income, where as going forward I will only be disclosing my affiliate income.   Additional income sources such as Google AdSense and private advertising have been removed because they aren’t affiliate income. 

As you can see, a few went up and a few went down, but I basically stayed the same for the most part (which sustaining success is half the battle).   As far as I can tell, the main difference is with my BANS income.   I spent a lot of time in May of 2008 working on BANS stores and you can see that has REALLY paid off.  I’m sitting at around 30-35 stores currently, so if you factor in the cost of BANS, plus the BANS templates I use regularly, then the cost of registering the domains for my stores, I’ve pretty much broke even just in the past two months.   Anything going forward is 100% profit until those domains come up for renewal.  At that point, the stores that aren’t at least producing $10.00 a year will be let go to expire and the rest will be renewed (with no additional work required).  

I also managed to maintain the E-Junkie income and improve upon the miscellaneous additional affiliates, which is the 30 or so small affiliate programs I have that are directly with the company, rather than via an affiliate service.

Expectations for July’s Online Income

July will be an interesting month (plus we get the extra day!).  I got one really big project that I hope to have finished within July that will likely be a decent earner, but that income may not start showing up until August.   I’m also planning on doing some additional article marketing for the niche sites that are already profitable (to push that profit higher), and I hope to launch some campaigns for Market Leverage, NeverBlue Ads, and possibly my favorite new option, Pepperjam Network.   These companies provide you with a campaign manager and provide affiliate opportunites that include getting paid percentage of sales, fixed profit sales, and some that pay you simply for qualified leads.

Affiliate Income Report – May 2008

As I mentioned in my last post, I am not a big fan of most ‘Make Money Online’ blogs. For the most part, they function like pyramid schemes where those at the top get really rich, those in the middle will make a little money, and those at the bottom waste their time recycling the stuff the top blogs are stating a day or two later. The “tips” are all the same and just get rehashed over and over again.

With that said, there is a lot of crossover between the ‘Make Money Online’ and ‘Affiliate Marketing’ niches, and there are some good ideas that come out of the MMO niche, such as blog income reports. In the past I’ve never chosen to publicly disclose my internet income for a variety of reasons, but I’ve learned that there are a lot of people that will take everything you say for granted if you don’t.

In other words, no matter how good your advice is, people want visual proof and they want to see numbers, so that is what I think I will start doing going forward. It is also a great way to prove to yourself that you are making progress and that all these extra hours are paying off.

May Affiliate Marketing Income Report

I’m not sure what format I will ultimately end up going with, so for now I’ll just provide some figures broken down by affiliate program.

  • E-Junkie – $1269.21
  • Clickbank – $176.09
  • Commission Junction – $1.69
  • Amazon Associates – $21.87
  • eBay Partner Network – $89.08
  • Google AdSense – $89.97
  • Other Affiliates – $395.55
  • Direct Blog Advertisements – $270.00

Gross Income: $2,313.46
Advertising Costs/Banners Purchased: $85.00
Total Net Income: $2,228.46

In the few months prior to this, the income has been fairly consistent with these figures, but this is my best month so far online. All those 50 hour work weeks online have really been paying off, and often the work you do now will payoff over time, not right away. This income is mostly generate off niche sites and blog posts that are 3 months or older. I expect the work I’ve done over the past two months to really grow that figure over the coming months.

Expectations for June’s Online Income

I expect next months income to continue to rise based upon the first week this month and the fact that I’ve been hard at work on new stuff. Between the last week in May and the first week of June I have already launched 16 new sites (BANS or small blog niche sites mostly), and they are essentially completed with the exception of a few minor details on each. I expect it will take 2-3 weeks before these new sites start bringing in traffic/revenue.

This means I can spend the rest of the month working on blogging, cranking out a few more new sites, and trying out new affiliate programs. Hopefully those 16 seeds I have planted (or most of them) will start to generate income in June and the eBay income in particular will start to go up considerably. I also plan to spend some time working on improving the Amazon income, as that is a GREAT way to make money with affiliate marketing and I haven’t fully taken advantage of that.

Have any questions? Let me know in the comments below!

Note: For those wandering, the reason I am doing so many at a time is because I’ve found that because the sites are so easy and take so little time to setup, I can actually weed out the not good ones from the good ones (kind of like domain tasting). The ones that produce will get renewed and the ones that aren’t producing won’t when they come up for renewal.