Text Link Ads Responding to the PageRank Crisis?

A couple of days ago, a close friend of mine received an e-mail from Text Link Ads, talking about some changes they have made to their much aligned paid text link service.

In looking over the e-mail and the new plugin code, it looks like they have now turned to javascript to help mask the paid service. Other changes include the ability to name the plugin what you want (Google knows the function tla_ads is for paid links), and some suggestions on how to best setup your Text Link Ads section of your website.

Here is the e-mail that my friend received:

Thank you for your participation in our program. It is time again to update the TLA code you are using on your site and we also have some tips on how you can sell more ads and keep existing advertisers longer! By following the tips below you will make more money with our program.

  • Update your code today! Please login to your account and grab the newest version of our ad code and replace your current ad code. We have made improvements to our ad serving and updating your code will ensure top performance.
  • Our advertisers don’t like ad blocks that are titled “Sponsored Links” “Advertisements” “TLA” “Text Link Ads” etc. They prefer no heading but if you do use a heading please consider using an image not text and consider using something like “Recommended Sites”.
  • If you are using a “your link here” or “advertise here” “Text Link Ads” or “TLA Links”, link that links back to your listing at Text-Link-Ads.com remove it.
  • If you currently have zero ads sold please note that single page ads sell better than site wide ads.

By doing these simple updates your site will make more money with us over time. Thanks again!

If you are still using Text Link Ads on your website, I recommend updating your WordPress plugin to version 3.0.6 and also making sure you are using the most current version of the affiliate banner (though you won’t be able to “mask” your affiliate link once you do this).

Reminder: Update Your Text Link Ads Referral Links

If you have a Text Link Ads account, you probably have a referral link placed somewhere on your website, if not multiple places. If this applies to you, TLA is making your life a little harder. According to their e-mails going out, they are replacing your current referral link with a TinyURL link, which can now be found on your account.

What does this mean? Obviously, you will need to go through and update any of your referral links on your website or in your feed. If you have it placed all over, this can be quite a project. Another problem is that all old posts you’ve done that reference your old referral link will be dead links next Friday once this change happens.

What is the lesson to be learned from this? Those of us that hid our referral links using a redirect have it easy. In my case, all of my old posts and all of my links on my site link to http://www.slickaffiliate.com/go/tla.php. That means all I have to do is quickly update my .php file with my new referral information and I’m all set!

AuctionAds Gets Sold to Media Whiz International

Wow, I didn’t see this one coming. Despite tremendous growth since its release only four months ago, Shoemoney has confirmed that AuctionAds has been sold to Media Whiz International, which already owns popular services Text Link Ads and ReviewMe.

What does this mean? Well, Text Link Ads and ReviewMe have provided the company with a lot of experience in this area, as well as a history of provding great customer service. I expect that we will be seeing the same from AuctionAds going forward.

On a side note, John Chow wants to know if you are having any success with AuctionAds. I’ve personally had their ads up for a few months now with no real success (although I have to admit they aren’t in an ideal spot for clicks). Even when I get referrals, I’ve yet to see a penny. Have you had any success with AuctionAds?

Should You Advertise With Third Parties?

There has been some great discussion around the blogosphere this past week about third party advertising and its role in today’s world.  

John Chow originally posted about a neat new BankRoll plugin for WordPress that allows users to accept reviews directly, bypassing the need for ReviewMe and other similar companies.  In his post, he covers the plugin, then explains why he won’t be using, preferring to split his income with ReviewMe in favor of getting more reviews.    After more clarification was requested by his readers, John explains why its all about the relationship.   In this post he explains that the networking involved with services like ReviewMe and Text Link Ads is well worth the up to 50% you have to give back.  

Garry Conn has responded, offering his take on third party advertisement.  In his article he brings up some great counter-points, covering just how much money you could pocket with some hard work and patience. 

My take?  I truly believe that it depends on the individual and their goals.   If you blog full time, and wish to maximize your income on your website(s), then launching your own advertising campaign is a great way to do that.   For other people who just enjoy blogging and don’t mind some supplement income, third party advertisers are the perfect fit.  Once you’ve installed Text Link Ads script on your website, you don’t ever really have to do anything again.   With ReviewMe, you bypass the seeking of advertisers, the negotiation of price, etc.  This is ideal for someone who doesn’t want to mess with all that extra work.  

Like with anything, you can pay the middle man or cut him out.   Why hasn’t State Farm gone under now that we have Geico?  Because, some people prefer the middle man doing all the dirty work.   🙂