Has John Chow Jumped the Shark?

For those unfamiliar with the term “jumping the shark“, it is a term used by the television industry to describe a show that has already peaked and is now on the decline.  The term originated from an episode of Happy Days where the main character jumps over a shark while water skiing.   After that point, the show was never the same.

So, what does this have to do with the notorious John Chow?   It has been roughly a year and a half since John began his case study on his personal blog to see if he could use his site to make money online.   Over time, through the use of clever marketing tactics and an anchor text link exchange, John was able to take a blog from zero income to over $20,000.00 this last month.  During this time, John has been widely credited for taking the “make money online” niche and bringing it to the forefront of the blogosphere, to the point where he has copycats like John Cow riding his cowtails, make money online blogs are everywhere, and just about every blog you visit in any niche is now covered in hidden affiliate links. 

Despite his success, it was only a matter of time before the blog peaked.  For it to generate any more income, he would have to push the content even further down the page.  So, has John Chow jumped the shark?  

In looking over the posts he’s written in the past two months, one would have to say yes.  A typical day on his blog now contains the following:  Pictures of a recent fine dining experience, pictures of an event he recently attended, or guest posts from other bloggers.   Rarely does John give any actual content anymore or tips to make money online.   It is almost like he ran out of things to talk about.  Unfortunately, unlike many popular blogs that grew their readership over time with content (such as ProBlogger), John’s fast rise to success is based on marketing and manipulation of Google’s search.  

In looking at John’s blog today, I noticed that his 125×125 banners section now contains a few affiliate links rather than paid advertisers.  I’ve also noticed that we don’t seem to see as many ReviewMe posts recently.   Looks to me like the fallout has begun. 

Do you still read John Chow?  If so, why? 

Increase Affiliate Conversions With A Buy Now Button

I’ve talked a little bit in the past about the value in the power of suggestion.  For example, if you want someone to click a link, make the link say “Click here” instead of using anchor text.

Along those same lines, ProBlogger recently pointed me towards a post written on Self Made Minds called Make It Easy, Make It Obvious.  The idea behind this is along the same lines as using the power of suggestion.   If you have an affiliate link, why not instead turn it into an affiliate “Buy Now” button designed to look like an Amazon button in order to help suggest the reader to click it.

This is especially great for blogs that talk a lot about products.  Even if they click over and don’t purchase the item, sometimes they’ll decide to purchase something else, which will usually also you earn additional commissions.

DealDotCom Updates Their Affiliate Links

Last week I talked a bit about DealDotCom, which is a new service that releases a single product a day at an insanely low price while supplies list.   In addition to offering great products at low prices, they also have a very attractive affiliate program that allows people that don’t use the service to still make money with it.  Unfortunately their affiliate program was causing some confusion, because you can actual refer people to purchase products, or you can refer them to sign up with their affiliate program. 

Yesterday, DealDotCom solved this problem when they posted on their blog that due to the request of multiple users, they have adjusted how their affiliate links work.  This process allows people to refer users to the deal of the day, or refer people to sign up through their make money page by using different links.   Here is the official post from their blog:

It has been requested by a lot of you and we would be fools to not listen. You now have two affiliate links to use…

#1. http://www.dealdotcom.com/makemoney/####

This link will now point to the “Make Money” page… so for those of you that want to promote the affiliate opportunity with DealDotCom, this is the link to use. Make sure to replace the #### with your ID.

#2. http://www.dealdotcom.com/invite/####

This is the link to point to the product of the day.

This means you will probably need to update your affiliate link in your posts or wherever you display them.   If you’ve hidden them, this will be much easier to update then doing everything manually, because everything points to one place and you can just update it there.  For more information about how to set this up, check out How To: Hide Your Affiliate Links Using WordPress. 

Update:  It also looks like BlogRush has added flavors, which allow users to customize their widget a little more to match their website. 

Make Money Online With DealDotCom

Although it won’t officially be available to the general public until next Tuesday, it looks like you can now sign up through me for DealDotCom! DealDotCom claims to be the Woot! of Internet Marketing by allowing you to easily find all the Internet Marketing products you really want for rock bottom prices.

How Does the Process Work? DealDotCom will actually sell a limited quantity of one product a day at rock bottom prices while supplies last. You are not allowed to blog about the product for that day and they do not display the number of the product left, so you will have to monitor the website closely to see what is available each day. If you don’t want to check the website each day, you can subscribe to their feed to get the latest products for sale.

How Do I Make Money with DealDotCom? There are actually a couple of ways, all of which can be found in the Make Money page. You can actually sell products through DealDotCom, or you can use their affiliate program to try to make some money. It looks like their affiliate program is two-tiered, which actually allows you to get paid for your referrals purchases, as well as their referrals purchases. Direct referrals purchases get you 35%, while second tier purchases get you 15%. Once you’ve earned money, all payments are made via Paypal at the end of each month.

Is there a plugin available? You can now get a DealDotCom plugin courtesy of BlueFur, which allows you to display the sale of the day on your website.

Sign Up For DealDotCom