MySpace Private Pictures Aren’t Exactly Private

It is always risky to upload your personal pictures on to someone else’s servers, but private pictures are exceptionally risky.  You are somewhat at the mercy of what that person or company does with the pictures.

For whatever reason, MySpace and Facebook users don’t seem to understand this, so they upload all sorts of pictures that are probably better left on their hard drive and out of the public eye.   My general rule is if you don’t want family and even potential employers seeing these pictures, then you probably shouldn’t upload them.

One service that proves it can be done is MySpace Private Profile.  Simply visit a MySpace page and grab their ID number, then punch it in on this site and you can view all of their private pictures.  I tried it twice before writing this post and it works flawlessly.  In the two private MySpace pages I visited I saw pictures of underage girls passed out holding alcohol and something else that I will leave up to the imagination.

Moral of the story?  Don’t upload anything that would embarrass you on to the internet.

[via CyberSurge]

Starting a New Blog? Pick Popular Keywords

Whenever I’m about to launch a new blog, I always try to do a little research first. I’ve learned from experience that I need to have some interest in the blog’s subject matter, or else I won’t spend enough time on it to truly make it worth my while. The other thing I always factor in is whether or not people are searching for the keywords I plan to use. You’ll probably have more competition, but there is also a lot more traffic to go around.

I’ve always found the best way to find high traffic keywords is to track Google’s rising search terms list that they release regularly. By going after rising search terms, you are more likely to find a decent keyword-rich domain that is still available, rather than established ones that have been picked clean.

Center Networks recently posted a list of Google’s Top 10 Rising Keyword Search Terms for both the United States and worldwide. Unsurprisingly, you will find the iPhone topping both lists. You’ll also find the keywords you’d expect to find, such as YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace. Some other popular terms include Webkinz and Second Life.   If you want to set yourself up for success, using one of these keywords is a great way to set yourself up.

When you go to launch a new blog, what research do you do first?  How do you pick the blogs subject matter?

Best of: MySpace Greasemonkey Scripts

With the use of a few Greasemonkey scripts, there is almost no limit to the number of things you can do to improve your web browsing experience. Fortunately for MySpace users, there are tons of great scripts out there to manipulate the website to work how you want it to. I’ve combed through the UserScripts database and pulled out only the best and most popular MySpace Greasemonkey Scripts for you to review.

Before we get started, in order to use the below scripts, make sure you are using the Firefox web browser, and have the Greasemonkey Extension installed.

Best MySpace Greasemonkey Scripts

  • Automatic MySpace Media Remover – Removes most media on MySpace pages and replaces it with a toggle box in case you want to view certain ones.
  • Download Video – Save video clips from YouTube, Google Video, Myspace, Metacafe,, Putfile, Dailymotion and Sevenload.
  • MySpace Ad Slicer – Cleanly removes ads from MySpace, without leaving large whitespace
  • MySpace Annoyance Removal – Removes the Cool New People, the Featured Profile, the block ads, the ad at the top of the page, and other assorted annoyances. Optionally removes certain elements on a per-profile basis. It even updates automatically!
  • MySpace Auto-login – Automatically logs you into MySpace.
  • MySpace Big Images – Makes profile images much bigger and easier to see.
  • MySpace Bulletins – Blacklists or whitelists bulletins from users you specify.
  • MySpace Comment Box Plus – Modifies comment boxes in user profiles.
  • MySpace Custom Style Remover – Removes most of those annoying styles on MySpace pages.
  • MySpace Ignore Bulletin – Allows you to blacklist or whitelist MySpace users.
  • Remove Anything – Remove anything, including music, comedy, and advertisements.

Got a MySpace Greasemonkey script you rely on? Sound off in the comments below!

Best MySpace Tools And Resources

It is truly amazing just how popular MySpace has become over the past few years. Everyone wants their own corner of the world wide web, and MySpace gives anyone this for free without requiring any computer knowledge. It also serves as a great way to interact with other users and get in touch with old friends.

Along with success comes a variety of tools and resources designed to improve upon the product, and MySpace is no exception. As a result, I decided to gather a bunch of MySpace resources and consolidate all of them into a single post for people looking for MySpace tools, guides, and resources. I have broken them down into categories for easy reference.

MySpace Designs, MySpace Layouts, and MySpace Backgrounds

MySpace Avatars

  • Meez (Creates a virtual 3D animated image of yourself)
  • MySpace Avatars (Browse general image avatars by category)
  • Zwinky (Fully animated image avatars)

MySpace Blogs

MySpace Editors

MySpace Games

MySpace Images Tools

MySpace Music Tools

  • iLike (Registration required)
  • MyFlashFetish
  • Tracks Feed
  • Your Spins

MySpace Videos

MySpace Web Storage/Image Hosting Services

MySpace Widgets

Miscellaneous Other MySpace Tools

  • Geo Visitors (Get information about visitors to your profile)
  • Hotlist Maker (Create hotlists for your profile)
  • How Many Of Me (Displays the number of Americans with the same name)
  • Library Thing (Display your favorite books with thumbnail images)
  • Memegen (Quizzes or surveys for your MySpace profile)
  • MyHeritage (Upload your picture and find celebrities who look similar to you)
  • My What Space (Easily manage and edit your profile from your computer desktop)
  • Nooz (Community edited news site for MySpace members)
  • Planet Smilies (Free smilies by category)
  • Wink (Search across all major social networks)

Know of something that belongs on this list? Please let me know in the comments below (include a link). In an effort to keep this post as a valid resource, it will be updated regularly.

Is Yahoo Finally Ready to Compete?

It’s no secret that Yahoo has been struggling over the past 18 months to match the growth rate of their two primary competitors, Google and Microsoft.  Google has been acquiring a company each day it seems as they prepare to launch their online office suite, and Microsoft continues to stay steady in their normal areas, while growing their influence in other areas such as the XBox, Zune, etc.  

Since acquiring in December of 2005, Yahoo has only had their MyBlogLog acquisition to boast, until yesterday.   Yahoo appears to be ready to diversify their resources as well with their 100 million dollar purchase of the popular college sports network,   Rivals does internet radio/podcasting, as well as providing a network of websites and forums for most major division 1-A college sports teams.  This looks to be a solid acquisition for Yahoo with the opportunity to place their advertising on these sites and their forums, as well as the ability to market their products to sports fans across the United States. 

There are also rumors swirling around Yahoo potentially in talks to purchase Myspace.   If a deal goes through, it appears it would be more like a merger, as MySpace would acquire 25% of Yahoo’s stock valued at around 12 billion dollars.

What is your opinion of this potential merger?  I’m not sure it’s a good idea for Yahoo to put 25% of their eggs in MySpace’s basket.  MySpace seems to continue to grow in numbers, but the safety, security, and new application features of Facebook seem to make it a better long term bet.   Yahoo at one point was in negotiations with Facebook, but their low-ball offer of 1.5 billion dollars was declined.   I have a feeling they will come to regret that. 

MySpace Still Dominant, What About Facebook?!?

According to a recent survey, it looks like MySpace is still dominating with almost 80% of the social network visits. Facebook came in a far away second with about 12% of the remaining social network visits. According to Mashable:

Facebook’s increase in traffic is largely due to their opening up of its site for anyone, instead of its previous limitations to those with college and high school email addresses, allowing its traffic to grow 106%. And to illustrate how influential MySpace is for the entire social networking ecosystem, nearly 25% of clicks to the 19 other top social networking sites came directly from MySpace. This also highlights the fact that many people have more than one social networking persona.

While Facebook has received a good amount of backlash for several of the changes it’s made to the site in the past year, opening it up to all Internet users and adding news feed updates (we’ll see how the community reacts to Facebook’s upcoming announcement for its development platform), all the changes have paid off handsomely, increasing the valuation of the company. Great for an IPO, right?

Mashable brings up a good point. With the recent opening of Facebook to everyone, this should radically change over the upcoming few years. MySpace is just dreadful in my opinion, but Facebook’s system is set up to offer a safe and secure way for people to keep in touch.

And, speaking of Facebook, TechCrunch has fueled the rumor mill recently regarding Facebook acquisitions:

We can rule News Corp and Yahoo out. News Corp owns market leader MySpace and Facebook would seem an illogical buy. Yahoo would be out of the race on the presumption that they are looking to acquire Bebo and have failed to buy Facebook previously.

So who is left? There were rumors that Viacom was interested in Facebook last year. Viacom is still a possibility, but with a price tag for Facebook of something in the range of $3-$6 billion, it would be a stretch for a media company that has always been more conservative with online investments.

The obvious candidate is Google.

Is this really necessary? Facebook has turned down some major offers in the past and appears to be in it for the long haul. If things pick up for them (as they should), Facebook may be in the buying business soon.

On a side note, if you are interested in “friending” me on Facebook, you can see my profile here.