Easily Find A Good Niche Domain With Micro Niche Finder

Whenever someone goes to start a new blog, one of the most crucial decisions they will make is to select the niche they will be writing in. Unfortunately, many of these same bloggers are setting themselves up for disappointment, or failure altogether because they chose a niche that is already packed. This may not be a problem if you are blogging for fun, but entering a popular niche is extremely difficult for anyone trying to make some money from their blog.

If you look at closely at the many bloggers that are making money online without having a large audience, you will probably notice that they do so by having a large number of small blogs that strategically fill search engine gaps. The idea is to go out and find under represented keywords and starting these gaps with a website or blog of your own. Another benefit to using this method is that you can usually find a good keyword-rich domain because the lack of competition for that keyword.

One example of this would be starting a “Make Money Online” blog. You might have a great blog, but you are going to be competing with 200,000 other people, and many have established audiences. If you jump into a small keyword, but only have 1,000 people to compete with for traffic on that keyword, some simple SEO techniques could easily get you into the top 3 and net a lot more traffic than a low ranking on a high traffic keyword.

So, sounds great, but easier said than done, right? While it sounds difficult, it doesn’t have to be with the right tools. Micro Niche Finder is a tool that makes it easy to find under represented niches. What this tool does is search for the keyword you specify and provide you everything you need to know. It will go calculate the top searches using that keyword for you, then display the number of other sites that show up under that keyword and allow you to determine the strength of the competition.

One example would be if you entered a keyword such as “online coupons”, you would see that some good keywords to target are “dell online coupons” and “amazon online coupons”. Some keywords to avoid competing in are “grocery coupons” and “free online coupons”, as they have a lot more people competing for a lot less search engine traffic. The goal is to find keywords with good traffic and less competition (supply and demand).

For some videos and additional information about Micro Niche Finder, you’ll want to click here.

Overall, I find Micro Niche Finder to be very useful when I’m out shopping for domains and looking to launch a new website. It can also be useful when trying to select meta keywords to use with an individual post.

Purchasing Domains: Looking Towards the Future

I’ve spent a little time over the past few weeks taking about the value of a domain, as well as various methods for finding and purchasing domain names.   It is my hope that everyone is now looking at domain names as more than just a website URL, but also as an investment in your future.  

Every single day, 1,000’s of domains are disappearing as they are purchased, and people are doing so for under $10.00 a piece (some as low as $5.00 each).   Domains are being scooped up at a much higher rate than they are being dropped, and once gone, many are pretty much gone for good.  People are beginning to write them into their wills, and in the future, these will be passed down to children and grandchildren.  In order to get a domain that someone else has purchased, you will likely have to spend a fortune to get that domain you really wish you had.    With that said, there are plenty of great domains still available……for now.   Are you investing in your future?   

One thing that I think is very important is the ownership of your personal domain name.   Even if you end up just parking it, or redirecting it to one of your existing sites, someday you are going to want it.   Want to showcase your online skills?  Maybe you want to put your resume on there and place it on business cards?   At some point you will find a good use for it. 

While I am fairly lucky in that I don’t have a very common last name, many people do.    How many other people share your first and last name around the globe?  Get it before it is gone, because once it is gone, you are probably out of luck!

One thing I find from people that I consult with on this stuff is that they don’t look beyond themselves.   What about your spouse, and maybe more importantly, what about your kids?  One of the first things I did upon the birth of both my boys was to purchase their domains so they will be there for them when they are older and want to use them.   If I don’t, there is a great chance they will be gone in 10 years or 20 years when they go to use them.  For now they will just stay parked or redirected, but eventually the kids will be glad they have them.  

Are you just covering your immediate needs, or are you looking to the future when you are out purchasing domain names?

Find Dropped Domains With Just Dropped

If you enjoy domain shopping, you may get frustrated from time to time with the lack of domains available.  If sometimes you feel like all of the good ones are taken, you are actually right.   Most good domains have been snatched up over the past few years as people began to realize their value, with probably more than half of them not even in use.   These people are smart because they treat their domains as an investment

I currently have about 10 domains in use, along with 4-5 similar domains that are being redirected to existing sites, in an effort to protect my investments.  Along with these domains are several inactive domains that I’ve purchased because I plan to use them at some point in the future, or because I felt that they have tremendous value.    

One way I go about searching for domain names of value is a website called Just Dropped.  This site works just like a domain search engine, but specializes in searching for domains that have recently been dropped for any number of reasons.   Sometimes people don’t want them anymore,  they can’t afford to renew the domains, or they just forget and don’t have it set to auto-renew. 

In many ways this has more value than searching open domains because you can find a lot of gems hidden among a bunch of worthless domains.    The only downside is that you have to register for any account with them, but this is free.

If you decide to go this route, you may have to spend some time at it.  Some of the lists are long and there are a lot of domains with no value at all, but there are always great ones mixed in that you can pick up.  

Easily Find Good Domain Names with PC Names

Over the past 3 months I’ve had a bit of an itch that is all to common amongst established bloggers. That itch is to spend time every day going domain shopping.

Over the past year, Kyle’s Cove has had a focus on a very large area, rather than limiting the focus on to a single niche. I’ve got plenty to write about, so I’ve been trying to narrow that focus here on my personal weblog, and then find some useful keyword-heavy domains to write about my other interests. One example was the recent launch of Hack WordPress, which is where I write about all sorts of WordPress stuff, such as plugin and theme reviews, news, hacks, and tips.

Over the past 5 days, I have devoted close to 30 minutes each day to searching for domain names, and managed to snatch up a few dot com domain names that I really like. Unfortunately, I was not having any success finding a domain name that I liked for one particular keyword.

Yesterday while doing my usual blog crawl, I noticed the mention of PC Names on one my favorite blogs, Empowering Ideas by Jason Drohn. For some reason, I had never even thought to look and see if there was a service designed to assist people with locating a good domain name.

I went to PC Names and did a quick search for my keyword. It provided a lot of choices, but none were dot com domains. As I’ve stated before, I won’t purchase a domain name unless it is a dot com name. Luckily, before leaving the site disappointed, I noticed an Advanced search option next to the search bar. I censored out everything but dot com domains and searched again, then instantly found the perfect domain name! It was actually better than some of the domain names I was considering settling for, only to find they were already taken by someone.

If you are considering purchasing a new domain name for a new blog, or maybe you have no intention of using it at this time but you just want to hang on to it for future use, I recommend checking out PC Names. It worked great for me!