Social Networking Sites and Their Impact on My Life

As you may remember, last week I wrote a post about Twitter, where I mentioned I am doing my best to send tweets more often.  So far, I’ve been pretty good at doing 1-2 a day, which more than enough in my opinion.  If I’m doing it more often than that, I’m probably giving to much information.   I’ve also had troubling keeping up with others in my Twitter account, so I’ve considered dropping a few people I follow that send 5+ a day.   It makes it hard to follow everyone.

Anyway, on a typical day after updating my Twitter account, accepting follower requests and using the Find and Follow feature to track down others on Twitter, I hop on over to Facebook to do the same.   Approve requests for friendship and application invites, then check my wall for new messages, then check the homepage.  Then, I’m off to check my StumbleUpon profile, sometimes my MyBlogLog profile (which sorely needs updated).  Once that is done, now its time to check my Google AdSense account, Parked domains account, then E-Junkie/Clickbank/Commission Junction accounts.  Once that is done, I’m off to my sites to check for comments that need moderated.   Now comb through domain backorder lists and check on some of my domain auctions.  Once that is done, now I head over to my feed reader and start flipping through the feeds I track.   One days worth usually isn’t to bad, but more than 1 day backlogged and I have to get selective on which ones I choose to read. Once that is done, now its finally time to write some posts!   But wait, my kids need put to bed.

So, as you can see, keeping up with social services can sometimes be difficult.  If I maintain them, along with my other responsibilities, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to blog or do website maintenance, which is probably the most important part, right?  I mean, I probably enjoying blogging more than I do all this other stuff.  It is kind of the behind the scenes stuff that needs done but isn’t fun to do.

How do you guys do it?  It seems I’ve got to many accounts and I find that I’m neglecting several, rather than just committing to a few of them and making them actually useful.

  • Even i find it difficult. Normally when i am working on the Internet, i keep the twitter window open and once in a while i check what are the latest tweets from the people i am following. Sometimes i end having some constructive discussion with the people i am following and that is good. I have an orkut account which i use to keep in touch with old friends. I rarely check MBL mainly to see how many have joined my community. I have a Facebook account but i dont get time to check it much in college as it doesnt work well on slow net connection.