Easily Find A Good Niche Domain With Micro Niche Finder

Whenever someone goes to start a new blog, one of the most crucial decisions they will make is to select the niche they will be writing in. Unfortunately, many of these same bloggers are setting themselves up for disappointment, or failure altogether because they chose a niche that is already packed. This may not be a problem if you are blogging for fun, but entering a popular niche is extremely difficult for anyone trying to make some money from their blog.

If you look at closely at the many bloggers that are making money online without having a large audience, you will probably notice that they do so by having a large number of small blogs that strategically fill search engine gaps. The idea is to go out and find under represented keywords and starting these gaps with a website or blog of your own. Another benefit to using this method is that you can usually find a good keyword-rich domain because the lack of competition for that keyword.

One example of this would be starting a “Make Money Online” blog. You might have a great blog, but you are going to be competing with 200,000 other people, and many have established audiences. If you jump into a small keyword, but only have 1,000 people to compete with for traffic on that keyword, some simple SEO techniques could easily get you into the top 3 and net a lot more traffic than a low ranking on a high traffic keyword.

So, sounds great, but easier said than done, right? While it sounds difficult, it doesn’t have to be with the right tools. Micro Niche Finder is a tool that makes it easy to find under represented niches. What this tool does is search for the keyword you specify and provide you everything you need to know. It will go calculate the top searches using that keyword for you, then display the number of other sites that show up under that keyword and allow you to determine the strength of the competition.

One example would be if you entered a keyword such as “online coupons”, you would see that some good keywords to target are “dell online coupons” and “amazon online coupons”. Some keywords to avoid competing in are “grocery coupons” and “free online coupons”, as they have a lot more people competing for a lot less search engine traffic. The goal is to find keywords with good traffic and less competition (supply and demand).

For some videos and additional information about Micro Niche Finder, you’ll want to click here.

Overall, I find Micro Niche Finder to be very useful when I’m out shopping for domains and looking to launch a new website. It can also be useful when trying to select meta keywords to use with an individual post.

  • I have heard Garry say good things about it. I think it costs about $15 bucks right? Absolutely a good investment for anyone jumping into buying domain names & trying to make some money out of it. Nice review buddy! Stumbled. πŸ™‚

  • Kyle Eslick

    K – I think it is $69.95, but it is definitely worth the price for certain people that are looking to carve out a living online. They also have a generous affiliate program.

    I’ve found quite a few uses for it already as I enhance my domain profile. πŸ˜€

  • Garry Conn

    Micro Niche Finder is available for $67.00. Some might get a little nervous with the price initially. But I have to speak up and say that this truly is a very secure investment. James Jones is a great guy too. To me, that totally makes the sale. I had a small glitch when I installed MNF on my computer and I sent James an email. He was very quick to respond and provide a very accurate solution to my unique problem. A product in my opinion.

    It is hard to know which products to buy and which ones are scams. I speak from experience as I have been burned so many times. David Cooley is a friend of mine who first told me about Micro Niche Finder and I was very pleased that he did.

  • Hair Removal

    Thanks for the link. Will definitely try it.

  • Kyle Eslick

    Garry – I tried above, but you summed it up even better. I’ve been enjoying this tool for a little while now and am glad I got a copy!

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