Learn to Maximize AdSense Income with AdSense Secrets

The internet is filled with people that are self proclaimed experts of one thing or another, whether we are talking about making money online, internet marketing, blogging, domaining, etc.   But it is rare that you run across someone that is widely accepted by the internet as an expert as the authority on a particular subject.

Joel Comm, the Google AdSense expert, is the only person that I know of that meets this criteria.   Joel is the author of AdSense Secrets, which is a close to 250 page eBook designed to teach you everything he knows about Google AdSense.   That is right, I said almost 250 pages!

Chances are if you’ve read AdSense tips by the many pro bloggers and other “experts” on this subject, they got their information from this Google AdSense bible.  I’ve been reading about 5 pages a day and working my way through this document for a few weeks now and finally finished it.

I have to say that this book was the best $9.95 I spent over the past few months and has really opened my eyes to some additional opportunities that AdSense users have.   I am hoping to discuss some of these strategies over the coming months after I’ve put them to good use, but in the meantime I wanted to make sure you guys knew that AdSense Secrets was out there at an incredible price.   Oh, and don’t forget this could be considered a business expense.  :mrgreen:

  • Jacques | Website Design

    Adsense can be quite an arcane science at the best of times, and this ebook looks like a must read to cast some serious light on the subject. Definitely worth having a gander at!

  • moralde

    I once bought something with a really convincing pitch. When I got to access it, it contains everything I’ve already read from my researches in the internet. I hope this one offers something new that’s not already freely revealed in the internet.