Make Money

If you run a blog or website, the ultimate goal should always be to get paid for your time. Here is a compiled list of advertising networks and review sites available to anyone, many of which this site uses to make money online.

Google AdSense

AdSense is a contextual advertising service by Google that pays out on a pay-per-click basis. In order to sign up, simply click the link below and sign up. You can even sync it with an existing Google account for convenience. Once signed up, you will be able to generate some code to place whenever you want the advertisements to show up. Google will then do the rest of the work by locating relevant advertisements for each individual page based off of the content on that page. [Read More About Google AdSense]

Text Link Ads

For many bloggers, text link ads is their top money maker. The big advantage of this is that the payment is not contingent on clicks. You get the money whether people click your text links or not. If you run a WordPress blog, simply sign up, then it will prompt you to create and download a WordPress plugin, which it walks you through. Once you’ve got your plugin, go through the normal process to load the plugin on your site. Thats it! Text Link Ads will take care of the rest of the work, finding you advertisers for your site. They have also added the ability for advertisers to purchase a link on individual posts, which is really handy once you’ve sold your maximum 8 links. If you’re a advertiser, if you sign up through me, you can get $100.00 in free links. [Read More About Text Link Ads]

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Auction Ads provides a place for users to get contextual auction advertisements for their website that work similarly to how Google displays relevant ads. [Read More About AuctionAds]

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BidVertiser allows publishers to get targeted ads for their website, similar to how Google’s Adsense works (mentioned above). If you’re an advertiser, you can get a free $20.00 in links. BidVertiser also has a nice referral program for both advertisers and publishers. [Read More About BidVertiser]

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Other Recommended Methods of Making Money Online

Kontera provides in-text advertising options to publishers around the internet. Simply install some code at the bottom of your website and let Kontera place advertisements directly into your posts! [Read More About Kontera]