Make Money Online with E-Junkie

When I came out with my May Income Report a couple weeks ago, many people were surprised that my primary earner for the month of May was a company called E-Junkie.   Based upon what I have been hearing, many of you either have never heard of it at all or you weren’t aware that they had useful products that people would actually buy!

I’ll be the first to admit that at first I wasn’t overly impressed with E-Junkie.   I actually signed up originally because there was an eBook I wanted to promote and their affiliate program was through them.    After looking around their website and learning how to navigate and create my affiliate links, I stumbled into their marketplace (shop tab) and started looking through the different categories that either interested me or that I already had related indexed content.   I was surprised to find a few things I had written about in the past that I was promoting for free.   

After signing up for each product and getting my affiliate links for each one, I grabbed my copy of the WP Affiliate Pro WordPress plugin and began adding affiliate links to all my old posts with a single click for each affiliate link.  Once done, I looked around and found some other products that I felt I could convert sales on and added them to my existing BANS site, niche sites, or created small sites to promote them.   The rest is history. 

Unlike previously reviewed affiliate programs, E-Junkie seems to specialize in digital products (though they do have merchandise as well), and it is easy to find products with huge percentage payouts.   You’ll find all sorts of digital goods like eBooks, training classes, tutorials, and also a lot of services like dating services, foreclosure consulting, lessons, etc.

So far, my only complaint with E-Junkie is that they don’t actually collect the money when a sale is made.  They simply manage the affiliate program for sellers.  Sellers have to login and manually make a payment once a month, or however often they want to.    I have a contact within E-Junkie and she informed me they are actually working on this, so hopefully this will be fixed soon.   I’ve only had a problem once; otherwise, I sometimes have to e-mail people and remind them to pay their affiliates, but it has never been a real problem getting paid.