Increase Affiliate Conversions With A Buy Now Button

I’ve talked a little bit in the past about the value in the power of suggestion.  For example, if you want someone to click a link, make the link say “Click here” instead of using anchor text.

Along those same lines, ProBlogger recently pointed me towards a post written on Self Made Minds called Make It Easy, Make It Obvious.  The idea behind this is along the same lines as using the power of suggestion.   If you have an affiliate link, why not instead turn it into an affiliate “Buy Now” button designed to look like an Amazon button in order to help suggest the reader to click it.

This is especially great for blogs that talk a lot about products.  Even if they click over and don’t purchase the item, sometimes they’ll decide to purchase something else, which will usually also you earn additional commissions.

  • This is good way, but I’m afraid some people may not click the Buy Now button as they will think it as some purchase with money required. I have seen a few people respond in that manner.

  • saintsinner

    I think to that the “buy now” button may give another meaning to the reader. Because of the way it is introduced to the reader, they may think that they have to pay for something and may say that it is some sort of a fraud. I agree with nirmal somehow on his comment. 🙂

  • Michael

    This is a great idea and something I will explore doing in the coming months, I’m not sure yet whether or not I will decide to keep it but I do like it so far.