How To: Converting Kontera to Single Lines

In the past we’ve talked a bit about Kontera, which is a company that sells in-text advertising.  I’ve used Kontera in the past and had some luck with them, but I found over time that it wasn’t enough income to warrant how much it annoyed some of my readers.   Therefore, I ended up removing it.

With that said, I know a lot of people still continue to use Kontera as a way to make money online.   If this sounds like you, you may consider making a small adjustment to your Kontera code to only display a single line, instead of the double lines people use by default.  This should help your ads to blend better with your website.

In order to do this, all you need to do is make a small adjustment to the code:

var dc_single_line = 'yes';

Disclaimer: As with anything like this, you’ll want to contact Kontera before trying this to confirm it can be used for your account.  This way you are not at risk of having your account banned.   If your links are not underlined, there is a good chance you will get approved.

  • This should be a welcome tip for most people using Kontera. The double underline never really looked good.

  • I have been using this single line for past 3 months, seen a marginal increase in revenue, but Kontera says that they do not want users to get confused with actual link and ad link and seems like they dont have any issues in single line.