Growing Your Internet Presence

I made a comment in one of my recent posts about my internet and affiliate strategies, where basically I am launching loads of sites at once, then monitoring them for a month to see which ones produce and weed out the ones that don’t appear to be working out.  It appears that the post has sparked some debate, or at least some additional questions, so I decided to write a follow up post with more information.

As with most things, to me this strategy is kind of a money vs. time thing and people will be on both sides of the fence.  Though I’ve found that this strategy works well for me, there are definitely a negatives with launching a number of sites all at once.

Here are some of the positives I’ve found go with this approach:

  • Less Time Wasted – If I launch 5 BANS sites at once, then monitor them to see which 2 or 3 get the most traffic and develop them, I am not wasting time on those other 2-3 sites that probably would have failed.
  • Diverse Portfolio – The more income producing sites you have, the less trouble you run into if somehow one of your websites gets shut down or comes up missing from the search engines.
  • Creative Ideas – Lately my mind is constantly racing with ideas and I’ve made a habit of finding an appropriate domain for the idea, then launching a small site on the domain when I do my next batch of sites.  If I didn’t go this route, many of my ideas would never get developed.

And here are some negatives for this approach:

  • Higher Costs – Like I said above, it is kind of a time vs. money thing.   With this approach you will buy a lot of domains and launch many failed sites, which results in wasting a lot of money and saving a lot of time.  For people that don’t want to spend money to make money, they will make better and more educated decisions, but will not clear near as many sites and miss out on a lot of opportunities.
  • Difficult to Manage – Once you get to 50+ addon domains in your web hosting account, it can sometimes be difficult to manage.  You will also have to manage a large domain portfolio.

It is really just a preference thing, but my ultimate goal with each batch of websites/blogs I launch is to grow my internet presence.  I think the like-minded people at Court’s Internet Marketing School feel the same way.  In their post about deep linking strategies, I found this:

I think one of the best aspects of SEO is that it’s both cumulative and compounding in nature. It’s cumulative because every time I put a page on the internet it has potential to rank, bring me traffic, and make me money.

As long as I don’t let the domain expire or let it go stale with a lack of links, it stays on the web forever (basically) with very little maintenance. If I add 500 pages per year to across all my sites, the net I’m casting on Google gets a little wider with every single page I add.

Every time I launch 5 new sites, I am growing my internet (SERPs) presence.   If 3 work out, those could prove to be income generators for not weeks or months, but years.  Even if some only make $1.00 a month, they will pay for their renewal and ultimately kick in extra income.  My hope is that at least 1 out of every batch will prove to be a bigger producer, making up to $100.00 a month (or potentially more).    It only takes a few of these to really give you a huge boost in monthly income.

What are you doing to expand your internet presence?