Google Redefines What The Clickable Google AdSense Area Is

It looks like Google AdSense is continuing to evolve.   According to the latest reports, it looks like Google has decided to redefine what counts as a click.

It looks like this change will mainly effect those Google AdSense ads where there wasn’t enough inventory to display all of the ads.   Under the old system, if a user clicked anywhere in the square, you would receive credit for the click on your AdSense earnings.  With the new system, it looks like users will have to click directly on the advertisement text in order to get credit for the click.   Here is a visual, courtesy of Google Blogoscoped:

So what does this mean?   A good portion of Google AdSense clicks are often accidental clicks, so this will considerably lower the AdSense clicks for many AdSense publishers.   This blog generates about a third of its income from AdSense, so I will be following this closely over the coming months to see if it has any influence on earnings.

  • Interesting. I agree, a lot of accidental clicks will be avoided. Probably not good news for some.

  • Sectional Sofas

    But even accidental clicks should count because a lot of people will still go check out the page anyway? So do let us know what impact this is going to have or not have if you’re going to monitor this.

  • It looks as though our Adsense income has been going up considerably over the past few days. I think that this could actually be a good thing because it will encourage more advertisers to spend more on advertising.