Google Gets Into Gear

Although I love Google Reader and keep a copy of all my feeds on it for easy access from any computer, my primary news aggregator has been GreatNews for the past year or so.   It fits my feed reading needs perfectly and makes it easy for me to link to other great posts when writing blog posts.  

I’ve been secretly hoping for some time now that Google could solve my problem by creating a desktop feed reader that syncs with my Google Reader account.  This would give me the added features and benefits of a desktop feed reader while still allowing me to sync up with the existing web-based version to mark feeds as read and give me access to them from any computer.   This would also allow me to access them from my mobile phone. 

While this isn’t exactly what I had in mind, it looks like Google has released new software called Google Gears, which so far works with Google Reader.  This software is designed to allow users to download up to 2000 of their feeds and work offline, then go back online and sync them up by clicking the Gears icon.  It is my understanding that this will not be limited to just Google Reader, but that is the only program that is working with it currently.  Also, if you are a Linux or Mac user, you’ll have to wait a bit while they finish the software for your operating systems.  

If you want to stay up to date on the latest Google Gears news, I recommend monitoring the official Google Gears blog.

Does this kill my dream of having a desktop based Google Reader?   I think Google Gears will be useful, but it isn’t what I was hoping for.   This would mainly be useful for people that travel, allowing you to read your feeds on an airplane or in a vehicle without internet access.