Google Analytics Gets Upgrade….Site Meter Responds with Makeover

I am a user of both Google Analytics and Site Meter, so I was excited to see today that both have made changes to their services.

Google Analytics tried to take a Google-like approach by adding a simplified and easier to navigate interface.  They have also changed some of the reporting to be more beneficial to their users and allow people to add, subtract, and move their data around to display the way they want.  If you don’t already use Google Analytics, you can check out this video introduction.

Google had the following to say in their press release:

“With this new version, users can experience greater visibility of important data, clarity of appearance and more intuitive navigation paths. Utilizing more features and improved metrics, Google Analytics summarizes data and statistics in plain language so that website owners can make more informed decisions. The tool incorporates score cards and summaries that distill information into key performance indicator summaries,” says Google in a press release. Other new features are emailing reports and PDF downloads.

Site Meter, on the other hand, is a favorite analytics service of mine because it shows you the URL’s that are referring traffic to you.  I typically try to track these when possible and link back to those people whenever possible as a sort of thank you.   The problem with Site Meter has always been the old school look and limited types of analytics.   Most of the changes rolling out today are design changes, with a new logo and layout for the site.  I’m hoping they continue to improve the actual stat tracking, but I can’t complain because you can’t beat free!

  • Interesting development. I’m looking forward to the update. I like the content in Analytics but the constant drilling down is a bit tiresome. I’m looking forward to a more streamlined interface.

  • I have been using SiteMeter since around 1999/2000?? (can’t remember) and I don’t think they have really changed much of anything since I started using them… goes to show you it’s hard to change something that is already a good thing!

  • Kyle Eslick

    Robert – GA was a little cluttered and had a lot of useless analytics data that most people wouldn’t use in my opinion. I think an improvement in navigation and limiting of data collected is needed.

    Garry – Wow, you have been around awhile! The site has been the same since I joined about a year ago and it almost seems abandoned. It works, but the site just looked so 1990s. This is definitely a welcome improvement.