Find Relevant Keywords With The Keyword Suggestion Tool

There are quite a few great SEO tools out there that can really go a long way towards helping you to improve your websites search engine rankings. One of the best things about these tools is that many of them are completely free for anyone to use.

The free tool I want to cover today is the Keyword Suggestion Tool by SEOBook. Hopefully this one doesn’t need much explanation, because the title pretty much says it all. What this tool does is suggest keywords to use for your website, or more importantly, for your individual posts. Before hitting publish on a new post, I recommend pulling up this site in a new window and enter the keyword you are targeting with your post. It will then spit out a bunch of additional keyword recommendations based on a number of various factors.

When I use this tool, I enter a keyword based on the post I’ve written, then focus primarily on the Google Daily Estimate column to see how many people are searching for the various keywords. Then I use any of those that apply to my post as my meta keywords. If you use the WordPress tagging system, your blog will probably use your tags as meta keywords, so you can easily get in the habit of using the keyword tool to suggest tags to use and have it work the same.

Another cool feature of this tool is the links to price estimate tools from Google AdWords. That Google AdWords tool shows the necessary bid to rank #1 for 85% of queries, and roughly how much traffic you could expect Google AdWords to send you based on that bid price and ad position.

Other listed features:

  • Is driven off the Wordtracker keyword suggestion tool. If you sign up for a Wordtracker account they offer many additional keyword research features and tools that are lacking in our basic keyword tool.
  • Offers rough suggested monthly search volumes by market for Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.
  • Links the search volumes to the related global search results.
  • Links to Google Trends, Google Suggest, Google Synonyms, Yahoo! Suggest, and Keyword Discovery keyword research results.
  • Links to various vertical databases like, Google Blogsearch, and to let you know if people are talking about your topic and what types of resources they are referencing.

If this one doesn’t meet your needs, another one I use on occasion was created by Overture, called the Keyword Selector Tool. It is designed to help you figure out which keywords to bid on, but works in a very similar fashion.

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  • G.Suvorov

    I recommend you use for keyword tracking, just trace your best competitors
    keywords and positions in SERP, they’ve done all the work allready :-).
    And try SeoQuake, seo toolbar. It can analyze anything you may need including keyword density on a page. – for Firefox. – for IE.

  • G.Suvorov

    I think you can try it allows you to input a site URL and it will then show you the keywords that site has that will rank it among the top 20 in Google. It returns quite a few good answers and allows you to see the Wordtracker and Overture results as well.
    One of the neat features of this site is that you can sort by the position, wordtracker ranking, overture ranking and also the most recent keyword request.

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  • Kyle Eslick

    G – Thanks, I will try out!

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  • This tool gives some great information and I like that it’s fast too!

    Stumbled! 🙂

  • Michael

    This is a great tool, thanks for pointing it out, it really is extremely quick!

  • Sectional Sofas

    What a useful tool! And free too, even more useful 🙂

  • Kyle Eslick

    Glad you guys are enjoying it! There are a few other ones that work in a similar fashion, but the crew over at SEOBook do great work, so I use this one the most.

  • Dmitry Voronin

    For your keyword research try using KeywordSpy – a keyword research technology that will help you know what keywords your competitors are using and how it generates money for them, you can use those keywords to drive traffic to your site and give your business the exposure it needs. It offers Free trials.

    It goes with a ClickBank Affiliates Search Engine where you can see the actual market landscape at ClickBank.

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  • Concerning Keywordspy, I wish to add, in addition to post and the previous post, there is free service which searches not only keywords, but also synonyms and similar words to them. Thus, Keywordspy paid – SynonymBase completely free.

  • BH

    Kyle, You might also want to try KeywordDonkey.