Expanding Your Blog in 2008

We all have different ideas about what it means to be successful in blogging. For most people, blogging success is measured by income. Are you satisfied with what your blog brings in each month? If your blog makes $100.00 a month, why not try to push that to $500.00 a month? Maybe you make $5,000.00 a month from your blog(s). Think you can up that $10,000.00 in 2008?

Growing your blog will eventually convert into increased income through advertising. We are already two weeks into 2008, but it isn’t to late to set up your blog goals for the new year. Dosh Dosh has written about 16 effective strategies to expand your blogs reach in 2008. In this post you’ll find a bunch of ways to grow your blog, including a few that you might not have thought of.

When skimming through the list, the first thing you’ll probably notice is that blogs tend to grow and become popular not with posts, but with other things. Have you published an eBook? Maybe you’ve considered setting up forums? You could also build a tool or offer some sort of service to your readers to help grow your traffic and place them on a sub domain. I think if you take the time to dig through many of these popular blogs, you’ll find all sorts of things set up on sub domains to help grow the domains value.

There are other great things on the list as well. Another thing that I’ve done is set up a blog network. If you’ve got 10 blogs, have you thought about cross referencing them?

There are a host of other great ideas as well, so I recommend you check it out!

  • Nice points, Slick! 🙂 I have great plans ahead too but still trying to find some time to sit around and do some enhancements that will be a launching pad!

    That’s a very cool post by Maki and you are right about making a domain more valuable by adding sub-domains and offering things for download. The thing I would like to do sometime this year is to offer a free theme for download now that I am getting very comfortable with modifying existing themes.

  • Excellent timing. I’m filled with all sorts of crazy goals for my blog it’s driving me batty heh. I guess I just have to pick a few and run with it.

  • Good points Kyle . Even i have many new plans for my 2 blogs but i dont think i will be able to do much for the next few months due to college work.

  • Kyle Eslick

    @ K – I think that is a great idea! Even simple ones seem to get a lot of downloads, so a theme doesn’t have to be anything amazing. I think I will be releasing my old theme on HWP later this month or sometime in February. I just need to take some time and prep it, then set up a subdomain, etc.

    @ BB – I know that feeling. I am the same way. Stay tuned later this week for a post about how I deal with that!

    @ Madhur – Just do a little at a time as you are able. That is what I’ve been doing with both the blogs and the blog themes, etc.

  • In this line of business or social positioning if you want to call it that, it can be totally challenging with keeping things on the edge and thrusting your blog higher in the blogosphere.

    2008 brings a ton of creativity to the table. To expand my site for the new year, I have introduced a new service called, AskGarry! The concept is extremely simple but allows for me to have a direct line of communication with my readers.

    Simply put, AskGarry! is a system where people can easily drop me an email with any question they have related to blogging, making money online, etc… Their question is then answered and published on my site for others to read and learn.

    So far, things have been going very well with it. Yesterday, I redesigned my blog (yes… I know!!! again.. LOL) but I really feel that I have things in place now for 2008.

    I would love to hear some more ideas about what others (especially bloggers within our little niche) are doing to expand their blogs and sites towards future growth and development.

    Kyle, I really like what you have done with your blog, especially that within the last month. Things are really doing well here. And now with the new domain name, I think things are going to really skyrocket for you.

  • Kyle Eslick

    @ Garry – Thanks man! I’m pleased with where this blog is headed, though a lot o work is still needed before it gets to where I want to take it.

    I like your AskGarry idea. I’ve always had that option in my contact form, but always answer the questions directly instead of in a post. I think that is a great idea.

    One trend I was going to post about is a tumblelog that people have been doing lately. I think it is an interesting idea and something I’ve considered starting here (or somewhere) on a few occasions.

  • You know that is pretty wild that you mention that. I use a sandbox blog for uploading images to so that I have an internal source for providing images on a few of my blogs. Also, it is useful for when I include an image in a comment such as this one…

    To upload the pics to my server I simply create a blog post with the image(s) added via WordPress. I have many times considered doing a tumblelog for these images… giving the posts a nice title and providing just a real quick blurb or description of what the image is and what it was used for, etc…

  • Josh Spaulding

    I didn’t get serious with blogging until well past June of last year, so this will be my first full year of serious blogging. I’ve been working online for several years, but didn’t know blogging was so addicting 🙂

    I’m starting the year off with a new theme (sometime between now and Friday hopefully) and I’ve set some goals that I believe I’ll reach.

    Your blog provides a pretty good example of how a well-run blog should look.

    @ Gary – I just bought imghold.com It’s a self-hosted script where you go to a certain URL, upload your image(s) then it outputs various types of linking code for you ie. html/bb code etc. pretty handy for quickly uploading images withouth having to deal with FTP. I haven’t gotten the site completely changed over. The buy now button is still going to the previous owner etc., but if you want a free copy just send me an email.