Don’t Sweat the Summer Slowdown

As you probably already know, pretty much every business has a slowdown period, and the world of affiliate marketing is no different.   Typically in the summer both traffic and conversions take a hit, and for certain niche markets, it is sometimes often known to be extreme. If you aren’t one of the lucky people that has a profitable summer site (such as a Fireworks site), this can sometimes be discouraging.

Fortunately, things always pick up in the fall and of course Black Friday/Cyber Monday and the holiday season follow shortly after.  I guess my point is just if things aren’t stellar right now, keep working hard and your hard work you are doing now should pay off later in the year.  I know many of you are just starting out, or just ramping up your affiliate campaigns now, so I just want to make sure no one gets discouraged and quits during the summer slowdown period.

Oh, and if you use a lot of Google AdWords PPC marketing, one thing you may want to consider is lowering your bids percantage with Google’s scheduling feature. You can lower your bids, then schedule your percentage to return to normal around September.

  • Shen

    Hi Kyle,

    Back to your previous post, sorry to go OT but I was wondering your opinion of using sub-domains when creating BANS.


    Any input mucho appreciado. And tell Cami I said hi. Thanks!

  • @ Shen – Good question! Unfortunately, I haven’t formed an opinion yet as I haven’t used BANS on a subdomain. I did, however, build BANS into a directory on one of my established sites (You can see it here). Because that niche has a very small aftermarket on eBay, it hasn’t been a big earner yet.

    If you’ve got a good generic keyword domain, I think setting up BANS on a few subdomains could be a good strategy. Do you have a specific example? You can email me rather than posting it here.