December 2007 in Review

I normally write this post on the 1st of the month, but with the theme change yesterday and all the football I’ve been watching, I decided to move it to today. Hope nobody minds!

December 2007 was an interesting month for me. With the holidays, usually advertising budgets are much higher which benefits publishers. Unfortunately, Google’s change to the clickable area on their AdSense ads seems to have really lowered my monthly income, despite an increase in traffic over the course of the month.

As for the blog itself, I owe a lot of thanks to my readers/commentators, who use the comments as a way to engage in some pretty good discussions. Here are my top 3 commentators for the month of December:

  1. Brown Baron
  2. Garry Conn
  3. Karthik
  4. Madhur Kapoor

Not surprisingly, many of my popular posts for December 2007 were also some of my most commented posts. Here they are, in case you are new here or just missed it:

Last, but definitely not least, I want to thank my December advertiser! Here is a site that I recommend you check out:

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  • With the great new look, I bet people will be commenting even more. Always a pleasure visiting this blog. Feels just like home.

  • Jason Drohn

    The site looks amazing! Is it visionary with some custom modifications?

  • I saw a similar drop in Adsense CTR – even with way higher pageviews, my income dropped a bit. Pretty disappointing, especially considering Google’s anger at any other advertising methods.

  • Garry Conn

    Sorry to hear about your drop in Adsense income. Are you sure this is a direct cause from their clickable area update. If anything I am making more money than before for the fact that advertisers are paying more per click having the security knowing measures have been taken to prevent accidental clicks. I see only good things in the future for that enhancement.

  • Baron – I hope so!

    Jason – Nope, not Visionary.

    Llama – Yes, I feel the same way. They will only let us use AdSense to monetize our sites, then AdSense income plummets.

  • Garry – Like I said above, I can’t be sure. Maybe December was just a down month overall. 😀

    The change is probably better for the future, but it will take awhile for it to level out in the meantime.

  • Even my adsense income has dropped since Google redefined there click areas. Lets hope for the best in future.

  • Man Kyle – It seems like every time I stop over here, things look better and better. keep it rollin’ my man! (BTW, when’s the next time you’re going to change the look of your site? (#);D)

  • @Madhur – I think it will just require a small period of adjustment, though December was bad timing for the change to take place for me!

    @Bush – I’m sure this weekend I will be implementing some of the feedback that I have received, so probably no later that Sunday. :mrgreen:

    I will probably never just do a complete redesign, but I like to improve the existing one in phases, so it is a constant work in progress.

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