Firefox 3.0 Now Available For Download

I know I’ve become notorious for really long posts lately, so I’ll make this one really quick!   I just wanted to let everyone know that you can now download Firefox 3.0.

If you’ve been following this site for awhile (or you dig through the archives), you’ll know that I have a serious man crush on Firefox, so this is a very exciting day for me.  Even though I always try the betas and release candidates, there is nothing like making it official.

If you’ve tried out Firefox 3.0, what are your thoughts?

Monitoring Tech Advancements Over the Past 20 Years

It is always fun to take a look back at the past and see how far we’ve come, and that is especially true in the world of technology.   Remember those huge computers that provided an amazing 640KB of RAM?  Back in 1988, you’d have to take out a second mortgage on your home to get performance like that!

PC World got sick of people complaining about the price of an iPhone, so they decided to take a look back over the past 20 years and see how far we’ve come.   After combing through this post you’ll probably appreciate the “cheap” prices we pay for todays technology.

Collection of Paypal Tools

Ahhh, Paypal.   One of my favorite online services.  What originally started as a companion for eBay to oversee the auction payment transactions has since developed into an almost all purpose tool for exchanging money online.  Blogs use Paypal to receive advertising payments, domainers use it to buy/sell domain names, and many affiliates use it to make/receive payments.

With Paypal’s expanded services they offer come several new Paypal tools, which were recently covered over at in their post about 9 tools Paypal users should know about.   You’ll find all sorts of great tools, ranging from WordPress plugins, mobile services, and more!

Thunderbird 3.0 Alpha 1 to Arrive Next Month?

If you’ve been following this site for awhile, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of the Thunderbird project.   The software is free and very comparable to Microsoft Outlook.  Ever since I first heard about Thunderbird 3.0, it instantly got my attention with the tabbed e-mails feature they were working on.   Truthfully, over the past year I’d kind of forgotten about it because all Thunderbird news seemed to be bad news.

That all changed today when I began reading a post over at Ars Technica that Thunderbird 3.0 Alpha 1 is due sometime in April.   While it looks like the calendar integration (Lightning) will not be included with this release, there should be some good stuff in store for us.

Anyone else looking forward to this release?

A Couple of Ideas to Improve Your AdSense Income

A couple of months ago Google made some significant changes to their AdSense program when they re-did the clickable area, which caused a lot of people to lose money. I know personally that my AdSense income dropped by at least $70.00 a month as a result of this change, and I’ve heard from several others that are have had the same problem.

Anytime there is a change, it is only natural we take the time to step back and look over the situation in the hope of finding a way to improve it. One post I ran across recently was written by Josh titled 10 Ways to Increase Your AdSense Income. In his post, Josh covers a bunch of methods people should consider when trying to maximize their clicks.

Two important tips:

2. Target competitive niches! I don’t care what anyone says about MFA sites, they work! I’m not talking about spam sites, I’m talking about high-quality, informative sites that are in a high paying market! Some of these niche sites can bring in $5-$10/day after only a couple days. When you’re making over a $1 per click you don’t need much traffic to make money.

3. If a site has a CTR of 1% or less, remove it from your site. Although there is some controversy as to whether or not CTR causes “smart pricing” to kick in, it’s just not worth risking. At least remove Adsense for a few weeks and see if your overall adsense income rises. If so, you were probably hit with Google’s Smart Pricing. If that site in particular was causing smart-pricing to kick in, consider a different monetization model.

And one tip I’m not so sure about:

8. Do not go by Google’s heat map. It’s a good visual aid for some layouts, but there are just too many variables. The effectiveness of any layout will be determined by color, style, niche etc. so testing is always your best bet!

Click over to check out the rest of the list!

Do You Still Use Facebook?

Today I noticed an interesting post over at Webware, which talks about a planned face lift for Facebook.  In looking at the screenshots provided, I really don’t see a major difference in the look of the site, but it will be nice to have the wall in its own tab.

While looking over the photos, I realized that I haven’t logged into Facebook in awhile.   I’ve probably logged in twice in the past 2 months, mostly for maintenance purposes (approve friends, check wall, etc.).  Do you find that you still use Facebook?  Or has it lost most of it’s appeal?

New Information About Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0

I’m a big fan of the Mozilla Thunderbird software.  I generally use a mixture of Thunderbird 2.0 and Microsoft Outlook 2003 to manage my 15+ e-mail accounts via POP3 and have no real complaints.   After looking at what is in store for Thunderbird users, I will be considering making the permanent switch to Thunderbird once version 3.0 comes out.

For more information about Thunderbird 3.0, I recommend you check out this post over at Webware.   Among the things we can expect are better searches, a built-in calendar (this is huge for me), and some new technology that is designed to take message beyond e-mail (IM integration, etc.).

Anyone else looking forward to Thunderbird 3.0?

The State of Open Source

If you’ve been blogging for awhile, you’ll probably remember Technorati’s “State of the Blogosphere” they would release quarterly which looked at blogging as a whole and talked about trends and whatever else was relevant in Technorati’s eyes.

Another industry that has been thriving lately is the open source community.   With the popularity of free software such as Firefox, Thunderbird, Linux, OpenOffice and the GIMP, it is no surprise that open source is doing quite well and quickly becoming mainstream.

In order to see how far open source has come and to look towards what the next decade holds, Bruce Perens has posted a great read titled The State of Open Source.  If you follow the open source movement at all, I recommend you check it out!

Best of: Firefox Greasemonkey Scripts

Have you ever noticed that sometimes websites don’t behave in an ideal way, don’t look the way you want them to, or maybe there are a few features you would like to see added?

What if I told you that there is a way to manipulate those websites to look and work the way you want them to? If you use the Firefox web browser, you can use the Greasemonkey Firefox extension to customize the way a website displays using bits of javascript. Internet Explorer fans can use the IE7 Pro Compatibility Add-on to use some Greasemonkey scripts, and Safari users have Greasekit (formerly known as Creammonkey).

In the past, I have already done a post highlighting some of the best Greasemonkey scripts available, however I have decided to take it to another level and much larger compilation post. Once again, I’ve chosen to display the scripts broken down into categories for easy reference.

Amazon Greasemonkey Scripts

  • Googlizer – Make more readable, somewhat like Google.
  • Amazon Ad Blocker – Blocks Amazon sponsored links.
  • Amazon Dynamic Local Currency – Show prices in you local currency.
  • Amazon Music Helper – Creates a direct link to the download from free music downloads.
  • Amazon Super Saver Snooper – Enhance Amazon search by showing which items are eligible for Super Saver Shipping / Amazon Prime.
  • Book Burro – Compare book prices from various book stores.
  • RIAA Radar – Attach RIAA_Radar directly to Amazon’s pages.
  • The Movie Dude – Cross-links movie sites so you don’t have to.

Blogger Greasemonkey Scripts

  • Add Comment Edit Link in Blogger – Adds an edit link beside the trash can icon in Blogger comments. This link will only be visible to the blog owner when the owner views the comments.
  • Blogger Comment Moderation – Check off comments to delete, then blast them all at the same time. Use with Checkrange for extra fun.
  • Blogger Keep Current Time on Post – Blogger keep current time on post.
  • Blogger Large Template Editor – Hides the navbar setting and doubles the template editor’s height.
  • Sitemap Generator for Blogger – Generates a Sitemap for Blogger.
  • Technorati and Tags for Blogger – Changes the Edit Post Blogger form to include a tags field.

Bloglines Greasemonkey Scripts

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Ultimate Collection of Linux-Unix Cheat Sheets

Are you a Linux user?  Switching to Linux, the free open source operating system alternative, has become a popular decision lately among geeks.  Dell has even started offering the operating system pre-installed on computers in place of Windows Vista or XP.

If you’ve recently made the switch, it can require quite a period of adjustment, especially to those that aren’t very technology-savvy.   Scott Klarr has compiled a useful resource of Linux-Unix Cheat Sheets that you may want to bookmark for future reference.  Scott cites this as an ultimate cheat sheet, and after digging through it, I don’t think I could disagree.  If you use Linux or plan to, I recommend you check it out!