Maximize Your Blogs Income with SiteSalary

When most people start out blogging, they usually do so for a variety of reasons. Maybe that person wants to see what the blogging hype is all about, or maybe they just have a strong passion for something and want to open themselves up for some discussion/debates.

Over time, as the blogger perfects his or her trade, it is likely that at some point that blogger’s attention will turn towards attempting to make money online. After all, why do something for free if you can do the exact same thing and get paid?

When you do decide to monetize your blog, there are a wide variety of factors you need to consider. What companies should I sign up with? What type of advertising is best? Where do I place my advertisements to get the best results? This can be intimidating for a blogger that is trying to make money online.

Some lucky bloggers will find immediate success monetizing their blog, but most will fail to truly maximize their blog’s income potential. You might even be making some money, but how do you determine how much money you should be making? There are no exact figures, but your amount of traffic will play a big part in yours blogs income potential. So, how can you maximize your blog’s income?

The solution is simple. I present to you Site Salary, which is a website dedicated to helping bloggers maximize their income. Site Salary believes that too many webmasters rely heavily on a small number of income sources for their online business, and aims to teach bloggers to see the wider variety of opportunities available to them. If you prefer to rely on pay-per-click advertising programs such as Google AdSense to monetize your blog, Site Salary also has you covered. Jason believes that no website should be making less than $20.00 per thousand page views, with some sites having the potential to make even more! On Site Salary, you’ll find details such as ad placement, which types of ad blocks to use, and everything else you could ever need to maximize your income.

In addition to learning about generating advertising revenue blogging, you will also learn more about:

  • Affiliate Programs – Learn how to increase your monthly revenue through affiliate programs.
  • Mailing Lists – Learn how to reach more people with mailing lists and use them to increase your monthly revenue.

Sound good? If so, you can sign up for Site Salary’s free e-mail course, which provides site owners with an introduction to the website by teaching you how to tweak existing revenue streams and discover some new revenue streams that will improve your monthly income.

Once you’ve gone through the free course, you can then elect to provide your contact information for Site Salary’s pre-launch sign up for their upcoming SiteSalary Guide Book. It looks like it is due to be released November 20th, 2007, and will provide purchasers with a complete guide to maximizing their websites income.

I’ve had the privilege to look through a lot of the content that Site Salary provides, and it is extremely accurate. You can tell that Jason is speaking from his personal experiences.

DealDotCom Updates Their Affiliate Links

Last week I talked a bit about DealDotCom, which is a new service that releases a single product a day at an insanely low price while supplies list.   In addition to offering great products at low prices, they also have a very attractive affiliate program that allows people that don’t use the service to still make money with it.  Unfortunately their affiliate program was causing some confusion, because you can actual refer people to purchase products, or you can refer them to sign up with their affiliate program. 

Yesterday, DealDotCom solved this problem when they posted on their blog that due to the request of multiple users, they have adjusted how their affiliate links work.  This process allows people to refer users to the deal of the day, or refer people to sign up through their make money page by using different links.   Here is the official post from their blog:

It has been requested by a lot of you and we would be fools to not listen. You now have two affiliate links to use…


This link will now point to the “Make Money” page… so for those of you that want to promote the affiliate opportunity with DealDotCom, this is the link to use. Make sure to replace the #### with your ID.


This is the link to point to the product of the day.

This means you will probably need to update your affiliate link in your posts or wherever you display them.   If you’ve hidden them, this will be much easier to update then doing everything manually, because everything points to one place and you can just update it there.  For more information about how to set this up, check out How To: Hide Your Affiliate Links Using WordPress. 

Update:  It also looks like BlogRush has added flavors, which allow users to customize their widget a little more to match their website. 

Make Money Online With DealDotCom

Although it won’t officially be available to the general public until next Tuesday, it looks like you can now sign up through me for DealDotCom! DealDotCom claims to be the Woot! of Internet Marketing by allowing you to easily find all the Internet Marketing products you really want for rock bottom prices.

How Does the Process Work? DealDotCom will actually sell a limited quantity of one product a day at rock bottom prices while supplies last. You are not allowed to blog about the product for that day and they do not display the number of the product left, so you will have to monitor the website closely to see what is available each day. If you don’t want to check the website each day, you can subscribe to their feed to get the latest products for sale.

How Do I Make Money with DealDotCom? There are actually a couple of ways, all of which can be found in the Make Money page. You can actually sell products through DealDotCom, or you can use their affiliate program to try to make some money. It looks like their affiliate program is two-tiered, which actually allows you to get paid for your referrals purchases, as well as their referrals purchases. Direct referrals purchases get you 35%, while second tier purchases get you 15%. Once you’ve earned money, all payments are made via Paypal at the end of each month.

Is there a plugin available? You can now get a DealDotCom plugin courtesy of BlueFur, which allows you to display the sale of the day on your website.

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AuctionAds Improves Affiliate Payouts

Last month I featured AuctionAds in my post make money online with AuctionAds. In it I talked a bit about the AuctionAds product, as well as the AuctionAds affiliate program they have to bring in new publishers. Today AuctionAds announced some changes to their program and affiliate system.  These changes look to be the result of the recent purchase by MediaWhiz, allowing them to be more streamlined with their other companies, Text Link Ads and ReviewMe.

The two major changes you’ll immediately notice are an increased payout of 5% on all affiliate referrals (previously 2%), as well as a minimum payout now going to $50.00 (from $10.00 previously).  AuctionAds also announced that they will be paying out $25.00 to each new publisher that signs up using an affiliate link. Here is the official announcement:

AuctionAds Publishers, we have a great way for you to promote AuctionAds and earn 5% affiliate referrals. Spread the word (using your affiliate link) that we are offering an instant $25.00 balance to all new publishers who sign up for AuctionAds! New publishers just need to sign up and they will receive a balance of $25.00 automatically.

Please note if you signed up with us previously and have never earned a payout we will bump your current balance to $25 too! Our minimum payout is also being raised to $50 but everyone who hasn’t earned a payout to date will be halfway there already! By publicizing this promotion on your blog using your affiliate link you can take advantage of receiving 5% of all revenue generated by new AA publishers you refer for a full six months. Thanks again and look for more AA news soon.

It looks like they are raising the minimum payout to $50.00 while this promotion is going on so they don’t have to pay out the $25.00 to new publishers unless they actually earn an additional $25.00 from users clicking on advertisements.

I still think AuctionAds has some work to do, but the potential is here. If you do try AuctionAds, you owe it to yourself to at least give it a chance before deciding if it works for you or not. That means try ads in a prominent section of your blog where people will see them. I see to many people placing ads really low below the fold then saying how it doesn’t work.

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Tips to Maximize Your Google AdSense Revenue

About a month ago, I wrote a post titled Make Money Online with Google AdSense in which I covered several different ways to try to maximize your Google AdSense income.  Because Google AdSense does not guarantee any money and will vary greatly from month to month, I believe it is important to listen to others experiences with Google AdSense and take those tips into consideration. 

Amit over at Digital Inspiration is a full time blogger and spends a lot of time talking about Google AdSense on that site, so I tend to heavily weigh any suggestions he makes to further maximize this site’s income.  Yesterday Amit posted some simple tweaks to increase Google AdSense income.

While reading through his post, one of the tips that jumped out at me immediately was the very first one: 

1. Turn Low Performing Units into Image Only Ads

Say you have a skyscraper in your sidebar or a leaderboard at the bottom of the page. It may exhibit a very poor CTR because it’s so out of sight and visitors often tend to miss the ad unit completely.

In that case, an alternative is to use Image Only Ads for that using – Image ads are generally CPM ads so you will generate revenue each time the ad makes an impression. Image ads are also effective in places where the visitors are Adsense publishers themselves and less likely to be interested in clicking your ads.

Image only ads are CPM (pay out per impression)?  I’ve read conflicting stories that say it is better to run fewer AdSense advertisements on a page to help maximize income when clicks are made.   I can’t help but wonder if that wouldn’t effect image only ads, making it beneficial to add image only advertisements somewhere below the fold.

In another tip, Amit argues that Google Customized Search Engine (CSE) performs better than the standard Google AdSense search, which is something I will be looking into further and possibly be implementing here on this site.  

Overall this is a really useful post if you use Google AdSense, so for additional tips on maximizing Google AdSense revenue, I recommend checking out Amit’s post!

Today I Removed the In-Text Advertisements

I knew it would happen eventually, and it looks like today is the day.   After careful consideration, I decided it was time to remove the Kontera in-text advertisements. 

A big part of trying to make money online is constantly trying things that are new to see what works and what doesn’t.   Otherwise, how else will you know if you are maximizing your income?  

A few quick observations from running inline text ads over the last roughly six months:

  • People tend to understand and forgive advertisements, but many really have a lot of hostility built up towards advertisements invading text.   For those people, make sure you are using the Disable Text Ads Greasemonkey script, which will prevent any of these advertisements from showing up on any sites in your browser (requires Greasemonkey to be installed).   Services blocked included are VibrantMedia(IntelliTXT), Kontera and Linkworth. 
  • Inline text advertising can be profitable, but may be at the cost of readership (although everyone should be seeing posts via a feed in my opinion, where inline ads won’t be displayed).   I found my Click-Through-Rate was pretty comparable to Google AdSense and enjoyed some success with the program. 

Going forward, I probably will not recommend using in-text advertising as a way to monetize your blog.   Even if you get 20,000+ hits a day, the income probably won’t be worth the loss of readership. 

If you’ve tried in-text advertising, I’d love to hear your impressions of it as a method of advertising in the comments below!

AuctionAds Website Gets a Revamp

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post titled Make Money Online with AuctionAds, where I covered the AuctionAds service and how to make money online with it.

One of my biggest complaints with using their service is the poor setup of their website, which offered a lot of headaches when trying to navigate it. Rumor had spread last week that a new look was in the works, and today it looks like that new look went live.  Along with the look for the website comes a new look for the ads themselves (if you get the new code off the website).

Here is what the AuctionAds team has to say about what is new:

  • New “Web 2.0″ Ad Creative’s: Login to your account and go to the “Get Code” page. You will notice a sleek new ad design with multiple color schemes to choose from that we think will increase click-through rates to your ads (which will result in you earning more money).
  • Optimized Ad Images: Our ad code is now optimized so that the auction images are no longer stretched or distorted. This makes for a cleaner ad appearance and should also improve clicks. (Note: This feature will become fully available as the cache updates over the next few days.)
  • Better Ad Network Performance: We have doubled the size of our hardware infrastructure and optimized it to ensure near 100% uptime of ad serving (and to make sure your ads are served lighting fast).
  • has a Brand New Look! Stop by and check out our new design of where you will notice a cleaner look and feel that’s fun and easy to use!

The new look is very similar to the old one, but with vastly improved navigation. Better Ad performance is a welcome addition as there are times when it can slow down a pages load time a little bit.  Overall I’m impressed with the additions and hope they continue to work towards improving the product.

How To: Hide Your Affiliate Links on WordPress

There is no doubt that if you are interested in using your blog to make money online, it is important that you take advantage of the income potential that is available through the use of affiliate links. You can generate additional income in a variety of ways depending on the service, ranging from set payments for each qualified referral, to making a percentage of any referrals income for an established period of time.

There are many different theories covering the most optimal ways to display your affiliate links, but the most common ones involve a variety of methods for hiding your affiliate links. The idea behind using this theory is that readers will click on it thinking it is an internal link on your site, rather than taking you to a third party site. But, as we found out yesterday, there is an additional benefit! When all your website’s links point toward an internal address on your domain, you can control and update the URL easily. This helps avoid dead links whenever a company changes a URL and makes it easy to update your affiliate links when the need arises.

As for setting this up, it is actually pretty easy if you have a self-hosted WordPress blog. Here are the steps I took when I hid my affiliate links for this website:

  1. Create a folder called “Go.”
  2. Create a .php document (this can easily be done with Notepad) and name it after the appropriate affiliate link you are using. Now paste the following code into the document: <? header("Location: http://youraffiliatelinkurlhere"); ?>
  3. Save it into the “Go” folder created above.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 until you’ve created a .php file for each affiliate link.
  5. Go to your FTP and upload your “Go” folder directly to the public_html folder.
  6. Update all your affiliate links to point towards your new redirect!

Your redirect will look something like .

There are other ways to do this, such as not using PHP or altering your .htaccess file, but this is how I created mine. Any questions? Feel free to post them below!

Reminder: Update Your Text Link Ads Referral Links

If you have a Text Link Ads account, you probably have a referral link placed somewhere on your website, if not multiple places. If this applies to you, TLA is making your life a little harder. According to their e-mails going out, they are replacing your current referral link with a TinyURL link, which can now be found on your account.

What does this mean? Obviously, you will need to go through and update any of your referral links on your website or in your feed. If you have it placed all over, this can be quite a project. Another problem is that all old posts you’ve done that reference your old referral link will be dead links next Friday once this change happens.

What is the lesson to be learned from this? Those of us that hid our referral links using a redirect have it easy. In my case, all of my old posts and all of my links on my site link to That means all I have to do is quickly update my .php file with my new referral information and I’m all set!

Make Money Online with AuctionAds

As with everything, there is always one service that you either love or hate. Of the advertising services available to pretty much any bloggers, AuctionAds seems to best fit this description. It seems like pretty much everyone that has tried the service either is really successful, or very little success, giving people a wide variety of experiences with it. There are, however, steps that you can take to help yourself succeed with AuctionAds.

What is AuctionAds? AuctionAds is a pay-per-purchase advertising service that uses keywords to place targeted eBay auction advertisements on your website. You earn money from the service whenever an action is taken. An action is defined as a Winning Bid, a Buy-it-Now, or a confirmed user registration.

Why should I consider using AuctionAds? There are two main things going for AuctionAds at this time. The first is that it is not a contextually based advertising campaign, making it compatible with all other advertising services. The other nice thing is that there is no limit to the number of ad units you can place on your site.

Where is the optimal place to set my advertisements? As with all advertising services, there are several hot spots to place ads that will do the best job of catching the readers eye and get you the most clicks. The most successful method to finding success with AuctionAds in my opinion is to place a 120×240 AuctionAds vertical banner next to a well placed 300×250 Google AdSense medium rectangle banner. Be sure to differentiate them by using a different background color for one of the two. This will help you avoid taking up much room on your site while still allowing you to draw the readers eye to your auctions.

There are other things you can do to try to maximize your AuctionAds income, including setting a minimum/maximum price for your advertisements, so you get higher payouts when purchases are made. Scott Andrew Bird has come up with some additional recommendations that are worth a read.

When do I get paid? Currently, AuctionAds does their payouts at the first of the month via Paypal and has a minimum payout of $10.00. If you make less than that in a month, you will get paid once your balance reaches $10.00.

Can I get a referral bonus? You sure can! AuctionAds places a referral link on every Ad unit. You can also go to the Affiliate section and get the appropriate code to place a referral link on your website. You will make 2% of all revenue generated by that user for the first 6 months.

I have been running AuctionAds for a couple months now on this website. I have had some success placing them on my home page, as well as having them down by the comment form on single pages. If you decide to give AuctionAds a try, you’ll want to give it at least a week before you start measuring results, as it needs time to get cache relevant advertisements for your site.

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