How To: Researching Good eBay Niches

If you decide to pick up a copy of Build a Niche Store to increase your affiliate income, one of the first things you’ll probably find yourself doing is researching for good niches that convert well on eBay.

Because most popular niches won’t necessarily convert well on eBay, you instead need to focus on products that are in demand.   One place I’ve found success when conducting much of my research is in eBay’s popular section.  They actually go out and track trends, then let us know what is hot.

If you check it regularly, you can often find emerging niches that have a number of keyword-rich domains still available.   For you BANS users, how do you locate good niches?

Build a Niche Store Integrates the PepperJam Network

A couple of weeks ago eBay announced that in addition to eBay Partner Network, PepperJam Network will now be offering an eBay affiliation (long time BANS users will remember that Commission Junction originally housed the eBay affiliate program before it moved to ePN).

As a big time BANS user, I have obviously followed this pretty closely.   The Build a Niche Store team is one of the best in the business, and already they have released a new version of BANS for people that want to use PepperJam instead of ePN.    If you’ve purchased BANS you should be receiving an email with download instructions.

I’ve been exploring the PepperJam Network the past couple weeks as I prepare to launch new campaigns with them and already I have been enjoying what I’ve seen, but at this point I think I will be sticking with ePN as it is working fairly well for me.   I will be keeping an eye on reports from people using PepperJam to see if the results are any better, but I figure the fewer middle men, the better!

I know many of you are finding success with BANS, will you be switching your existing stores to PepperJam Network?

Make Money Online with the eBay Partner Network

In the past I’ve spent a lot of time talking about Build a Niche Store. This is because this is it has made it really easy for me to build multiple affiliate stores in a small amount of time and has proven to be an extremely successful earner for me.

If you end up purchasing BANS at some point, one of the first things you will need to do is setup an eBay Partner Network affiliate account. BANS then fully integrates with ePN, allowing you to setup stores on your own domains for eBay products and receive a share of eBay’s fees.

In my experience, BANS is definitely the easiest way to find success with ePN, but there are actually other ways to use eBay’s API to display eBay items. The only other one I have some experience with is a plugin called PHPBay, which is a WordPress plugin that allows you to integrate eBay auctions directly into your WordPress blog. There is a small cost associated with it, but it is much lower than BANS and only requires some WordPress knowledge to use (no manually setting up databases, etc.). I’ve also heard a lot of good things about this plugin, so WordPress enthusiasts may want to check it out!

What are the benefits of the eBay Partner Network?

In addition to getting paid $25.00 for every person that signs up using your affiliate link, you will also get credit for each auction won within 7 days of your affiliate link being clicked. In other words, your site just needs to convince the person to click over to eBay. Once there, you can earn income on all of their sales for the next week.

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