• Cynthia

    Yes we use twitter! Follow me and I will follow you! http://twitter.com/urbanfrugalchic

  • Yes the branding is also very important for consistency.

  • Ecommerce Web Design

    Yeah twitter is extremely valuable for anyone who have something to promote because you can easily and quickly build brand awareness and a loyal following. Sending your blog updates to Twitter automatically is great too!

  • Janet J

    it is asmazing how many people don’t understand the power and value of using twitter. It is definity a must nowadays

  • Dan

    We are just getting started using twitter and have so much to learn. I see this is an old post, but the content is still relevant. We have yet to see how useful Twitter can be for someone in the Financial Services industry, but controlling content that’s represented as being from us is definitely a top priority. Thanks!

  • Fred

    That is a great idea.