Best of: Yahoo! Mail Greasemonkey Scripts

Despite the popularity of Gmail among the internet-savvy crowd, you may be surprised to learn that Yahoo! Mail still has a majority of the web-based e-mail users.  They’ve been around a lot longer, and because they charge to forward e-mail, many people seem to be hesitant to switch and end up content with what Yahoo! Mail offers. 

With that said, there are always going to be tweaks and improvements that can be made.   This is where Greasemonkey steps in, allowing people with the Greasemonkey extension installed in their Firefox web browser to change how Yahoo! Mail looks and functions.   Here are a few of the best Yahoo! Mail greasemonkey scripts:

Yahoo! Mail Greasemonkey Scripts

  • AJAX Yahoo! Mail – Adds AJAX support to the current Yahoo! mail and makes it more usable.
  • Attachment Download Link – Add a direct link to download attachment on the message page.
  • Skip Session Expired Page – Redirects you to the secured login page (https).
  • Welcome Page Skipper – Skip the welcome page and go straight to your inbox.
  • Yahoo! Autocomplete On – Turns Yahoo! Mail login form autocomplete “on”, so that your web browser remembers you.  Also works with password manager in Firefox, so no need to type your login any more.  Additionally unchecks the “Keep me signed in” button so that you can check multiple yahoo accounts easily.
  • Yahoo! Mail Ads Remover – Removes ads from the free version of Yahoo! Mail.
  • Yahoo! Mail Login Assistant – Provides a drop-down list of Yahoo mail usernames and forces a secure login.
  • yMailto – Forces all mailto links to open in Yahoo! Mail or the service of your choice.

Is there a Yahoo! Mail script you use that didn’t make the list?  Let me know in the comments below!

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