Best of: WordPress 3-Column Themes

[Last Updated: September 30, 2007]

While most full time bloggers seem to use and prefer 2-column WordPress themes, there is no doubt that 3-column themes are definitely more popular among the blogging masses. This can be attributed to many things, but the most appealing thing seems to be the ability to place more sidebar stuff above the fold on your blog, including advertisements, subscription buttons, and other important sidebar content that needs to be seen by readers.

This post is designed as a way to collect some of my favorite 3-column WordPress themes that are available for anyone to download. I’ve tried to include if the theme is widget ready or not whenever possible:

ProSense Theme (SEO Friendly, Optimized for Ads)

Source / Download (Orange, Blue, and Gray) / Demo

BloggingPro Theme (Widget Ready)

Source / Download / Download w/Widgets / Demo

3cWPTP (Widget Ready)

Source / Download / Demo (Click 3cWPTP in drop-down box)

Fresh Theme (Widget Ready)

Source / Download / Download w/widgets / Demo

Not So Fresh Theme

Source / Download / Demo

Ghacks Theme

Source / Download

Daily Blog Tips Theme

Source / Download (Green, Blue, Black, and Orange) / Demo (Green, Blue, Black, and Orange)

Blue Zinfandel Theme

Source / Download / Demo

Pride Theme

Source / Download / Demo

Torn 2.0 Theme (Widget Ready)

Source / Download / Demo

Crunch Themes

Source / Download (Purple, Blue, Green, and Black) / Demo (Purple, Blue, Green, and Black)

Illacrimo Theme (Widget Ready)

Source / Download / (No Demo Available)

Silhouette Theme

Source / Download / Demo (Note: 2-Column version also available)

Loren Ipsum Theme

Source / Download / Demo

Morning After Theme

Source / Download / Demo

Acid Green Pro Theme

Source / Download / Demo

Alike Theme

Source / Download / Demo

Cleaker 2.1 Theme (Widget Ready)

Source / Download / Demo

TyreMonkey Theme (Widget Ready)

Source / Download / Demo

Mezzo Theme (AdSense Ready)

Source / Download / Demo

Zeke Theme

Source / Download / Demo

Saur Theme

Source / Download / Demo

Greed Theme

Source / Download / Demo

If you feel there is another theme that belongs on this list, feel free to comment below with a link and I will review it for addition to this list. This post will be updated regularly as I find new quality 3-column themes that I feel belong on this list, so feel free to check back regularly or bookmark it for future reference.

  • There are quite a few good ones here. My favs are Illacrimo, Silhoute and Promusing theme.

  • Moses Francis

    Hi Kyle, thanks for adding my theme to your list. 🙂


  • Silhouette Theme is the one I use for my new blog,, I absolutely love it!

  • You’ve definitely gotta be careful with the three column themes though…sometimes they push too much info into the sidebar and it forces people to not want to look over there.

  • Kyle Eslick

    Moses – You’re welcome. It made the list because I really like it. Great work!

    Michael – That is probably one of my favorites on the list.

    Ryan – I prefer two column themes for a few reasons, and that is one of them 😉