Best of: Greasemonkey Scripts

[Last Updated: June 2, 2008]

There are many advantages to using the Firefox web browser for your daily browsing needs, but my favorite has to be the add-ons (extensions and themes) available to customize your browsing experience.

Within those add-ons are a few core extensions and themes that everyone should use. The Greasemonkey extension fits into that category in my opinion. Simply download the extension, then grab your favorite scripts and watch your internet browsing experience improve drastically!

Note: If you use Internet Explorer, you can use the IE7 Pro Compatibility add-in to permit some Greasemonkey scripts. If you use Safari, you may be able to run some scripts using Greasekit (previously known as the Creammonkey plugin). Opera is also known for being able to run a few scripts on their own.

How does Greasemonkey work? Greasemonkey assigns user-created scripts to run on the pre-determined web pages automatically, without you having to do anything. There are literally 100’s of them out their that improve the appearance and functionality of all sorts of websites out there. This post is a compliation of the best and most popular Greasemonkey scripts available to its users, broken down into category for easier reference.

– Blogger –

– Bloglines –

– –

  • Prettifier – Drastically improves the look of
  • Dejalicious – Tells you if the site you are looking at is already in your bookmarks (adds + or -)
  • – Adds the websites favicon next to its bookmark.

– Digg –

  • Comment Box Sidebar – Makes the comment box appear where you are currently at rather than at the top of the page.
  • Diggmenu – Adds a Digg menu to your browser.
  • DuggMirror – Changes all Digg links to their DiggMirror links automatically so you never have to worry about broken links again.
  • – Adds a “Save It” button just below the “Digg It” button allowing you to click to add to
  • Digg Comment Helper – Highlights the most popular comments.
  • Google Search – Replaces Digg’s search engine with Google search.
  • Hide Buried Comments – Hides all buried comments (and their offspring).
  • Reddit on Digg – Adds Reddit comments for the same article to the equivalent Digg article.

– eBay –

  • Currency Conversion – Converts all currency to your currency of choice. Great for finding out how much you will have to pay for auctions and such that are listed under another currency.

– Facebook –

  • Facebook Auto-login – Automatically logs you in to Facebook.
  • Facebook Fixer – Makes profile pictures larger, shows additional menu items, adds people’s age to their profiles, and changes redirected links to direct links.
  • Facebook Remove Feed Advertisements – Removes the feed advertisements on your Facebook feed.
  • Facebook Auto-Colorizer – Changes the pages colors to match the dominant colors in the picture on each profile page.
  • Make Facebook Green – Allows you to change Facebook to green (or any color if you add a hexadecimal number to the javascript).
  • No Facebook Apps -Makes it so you don’t have to see facebook apps when you view Facebook profiles.

– Flickr –

  • FlickrBox – Enhances browsing on Flickr.
  • Flickr Shades – Changes Flickr to white letters on a black background. You can customize the script to colors of your choice.
  • Flickr Image Blocker – Blocks annoying hovering images over the picture (to prevent you from saving the images).
  • Flickr Photo Magnifier – Adds a small rectangular magnifier allowing you to see greater detail on Flickr images.
  • Multi Group Sender – Overrides the Send to Group button allowing you to send to multiple groups.

– GMail –

– Google AdSense –

  • AdSense EPC/CPC – Shows the cost-per-click (aka earnings-per-click) you’re getting on the AdSense reports page.
  • Prevent Accidental Clicks – Makes it so you can’t accidentally click on your own advertisements on your website.
  • Google Ads Remover – Blocks every Google Ad including SERP’s.

– Google Docs and Spreadsheets –

  • Google Doc Download – Adds a drop-down box to download to MS Office, Open Office, PDF, etc.

– iGoogle (Personalized Homepage) –

  • BeautyBlue – Nice blue theme for your iGoogle page.
  • Google IG Max – Maximizes the removal of extra space to save room. Removes headers, footers, along with reducing the size of many elements on this page.
  • More Rounded Corners – Allows you to round the corners of your modules.
  • Remove Extra Space – Removes all the extra space on your iGoogle homepage.
  • Remove the Header – Allows you to remove all module headers. You can also remove the footer with this script.
  • Remove the Plus – Removes the + symbol next to each link within the modules.
  • Replacing the Google Logo – Allows you to put any image where the iGoogle logo is (requires some hard coding).
  • Resizeable Columns – Allows you to resize your homepage’s columns to look how you want.
  • Transparencies – Makes the header image transparent to improve the look of your homepage.

– Google Maps –

  • GZoom – Allows you to zoom beyond the normal limits.

– Google Reader –

– Google Search –

  • GoogleEnlarge – Hover over a Google image to see an enlarged version of the image in a pop up.
  • Google AutoPager – Eliminates the “Next Page” button and automatically loads the next pages results at the bottom of your page. (Works with the Google Preview extension for Firefox)
  • Google Two Column – Displays search results in two columns (Ideal for people with wide screen monitors)
  • Google 100 – Shows the first 100 search results instead of the default 10. You can also show a different number of results by doing the following 4 steps:
    1. Visit
    2. Go to Tools -> Greasemonkey -> User Script Commands.
    3. Choose “Set Google Results Per Page”.
    4. Enter a number between 1 and 100.

– Miscellaneous –

– StumbleUpon –

  • Best Friends – Create an area for your top StumbleUpon friends, just like on other popular social networks. There’s no limit to the number of best friends you can add, but no one else will see them. Your friends are arranged in alphabetical order.
  • Count Likes – Adds the number of “Likes” to the Preference and About sections of StumbleUpon.
  • Stumbles – Allows users to add links to, then click a link to Stumble all bookmarks.
  • Quick Tag – Suggests popular tags and personal tags to help you tag your links faster.
  • Preview Posts – Adds a preview button to the StumbleUpon forums and your personal Inbox.
  • Tag Toplist – Displays a top list of the most-used tags, and allows you to sort sort alphabetically or by tag count.
  • WYSIWYG – Formats your reviews and comments in a WYSIWG editor.

– Wikipedia –

  • Wikipedia Animate – Powerful script that animates the history of changes on the Wikipedia article. It highlights recent changes and provides a timeline slider.

– WordPress –

– YouTube –

If you can’t find the one you’re looking for here, you can find over 5,000 user scripts (according to their site) at Userscripts or you can simply make your own. Lifehacker has also posted a way to sync your Greasemonkey scripts between computers.

If I’m missing some of your favorites, please leave a comment below with a link to the script and I’ll review it for inclusion in the post above. My hope is to keep this post limited to the best Greasmonkey scripts available, as it can often by frustrating digging through 100’s of scripts to find the ones you are looking for. This list will be updated regularly in hopes of keeping it as a valid reference.

  • I’m not sure if I should say thanks for helping me remember Greasemonkey ( and pointing me at some awesome scripts ) or if I should be upset at you for making me spend the last 20 minutes reading about and installing scripts, rather than working!

  • Kyle Eslick


    What an awful problem to have! 🙂

    At least you have your priorities in order! (Greasemonkey > Work)

  • Cool post! Greasemonkey is what got me to try Firefox in the first place. I probably don’t use Greasemonkey as extensively as I once did but its still one of the add-ons I alway load.

  • excellent list.. thanks! I’m sure most of these are going to come in handy 😉

  • dankos

    thanks for the list.

  • Kyle Eslick

    Robert, Everyday, and Dankos – You’re welcome for the list. I’m glad you found it useful!

    As an FYI, I did just update it with a few more scripts I ran across! (I will continue to update it as I find them going forward as well)

  • Techie Buzz

    Great list Kyle, i found a couple of more interesting things to add to my current scripts.


  • engtech

    Hi Kyle,

    any chance you could add a link beside Akismet Auntie Spam to the official docs?


  • Kyle Eslick

    Techie – Glad you found it useful!

    Engtech – Done! Thanks for letting me know you are to thank for this script! 😉

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  • Mark James

    Download Facebook Videos

  • Ryan Wagner

    I put the Gmail Conversation Preview script very high on my list of favorites. It has saved me so much time by not having to actually open an email and still know what it is about. I just wish that Google would implement expandable messages much like how Google Reader operates.

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  • I love Greasemonkey scripts and this is an excellent collection of them! I also wrote about 25 very useful Greasemonkey scripts that took me about 4 hours to find since there is no sorting on the Userscripts site!

    Check them out!

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  • Burn

    I wrote a GreaseMonkey script for Youtube Account Page, check it out at

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  • na

    Check out this script that enlarges images on amazon when hovering over them:

  • This is a nice list. I will definitely be using it later on. Thanks!

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  • the multi group sender script (now fixed for the new photo page) and all other scripts steeev has written are now exclusively available via
    there are lots of updates underway, check it out!