Affiliate Income Report – June 2008

Last month I kicked off a new monthly Affiliate Income Report series with my May Affiliate Income Report, which is basically a report of how much income is being generated by me via affiliate marketing.   Overall, I would say that it received a positive response, so consider this to be the second installment!

This series was originally created because I’ve found that the blogosphere has been filled with a lot of distrust lately due to the many “Make Money Online” blogs launched by pretty much everyone, yet most fail to bring in even $100.00 income.   Do you really want to take advice on how to make money from someone that isn’t?   I’ve also found that this series also serves as a great way for me to gauge my progress over time as Apricot Media continues to grow.

June Affiliate Marketing Income Report

So, how’d I do?

  • E-Junkie – $1279.10 ($1,269.21)
  • Clickbank – $159.64 ($176.09)
  • Commission Junction – $4.79 ($1.69)
  • Amazon Associates – $0.54 ($21.87)
  • eBay Partner Network – $195.31 ($89.08)
  • Other Miscellaneous Affiliates – $398.35 ($395.55)


  • Gross Income: $2,037.73 ($1,953.49)
  • Advertising Costs/Banners Purchased: $108.00 ($85.00)
  • Total Net Income: $1,929.73 ($1,868.49)

**All numbers in quotes represent the previous months income figures**

You’ll probably notice that this months figures look a little different.  That is because last month I talked about total online income, where as going forward I will only be disclosing my affiliate income.   Additional income sources such as Google AdSense and private advertising have been removed because they aren’t affiliate income. 

As you can see, a few went up and a few went down, but I basically stayed the same for the most part (which sustaining success is half the battle).   As far as I can tell, the main difference is with my BANS income.   I spent a lot of time in May of 2008 working on BANS stores and you can see that has REALLY paid off.  I’m sitting at around 30-35 stores currently, so if you factor in the cost of BANS, plus the BANS templates I use regularly, then the cost of registering the domains for my stores, I’ve pretty much broke even just in the past two months.   Anything going forward is 100% profit until those domains come up for renewal.  At that point, the stores that aren’t at least producing $10.00 a year will be let go to expire and the rest will be renewed (with no additional work required).  

I also managed to maintain the E-Junkie income and improve upon the miscellaneous additional affiliates, which is the 30 or so small affiliate programs I have that are directly with the company, rather than via an affiliate service.

Expectations for July’s Online Income

July will be an interesting month (plus we get the extra day!).  I got one really big project that I hope to have finished within July that will likely be a decent earner, but that income may not start showing up until August.   I’m also planning on doing some additional article marketing for the niche sites that are already profitable (to push that profit higher), and I hope to launch some campaigns for Market Leverage, NeverBlue Ads, and possibly my favorite new option, Pepperjam Network.   These companies provide you with a campaign manager and provide affiliate opportunites that include getting paid percentage of sales, fixed profit sales, and some that pay you simply for qualified leads.

  • Looks like you’re doing pretty well for yourself. And, I love this series, I’m always interested in how well the blogs I read are doing.

  • Great job Kyle. I am a little behind you, but I did earn $530 in June.

  • @ Michael – Glad you are enjoying the series. I think writing something like this is a great way to visually see progress and prove to yourself that all the long hours and hard work is paying off.

    @ Fred – That is great! Are you using affiliate marketing to generate that income? If so, which services are you using?

  • jbj

    Congratulations for your well-deserved benefits. I’m admirative that you can maintain so much quality websites alone!

  • @ JBJ – Hey buddy, thanks for stopping by this site! Sometimes I surprise myself as well. Its 40-50 hours a week online (on top of my 9-5 day job), so it isn’t easy.

    Obviously someday I would like to make a living online, so that is why I’m working so hard now.

  • Great going Kyle. I have learned a lot reading your series. I will start implementing them in the coming days

  • I’m already a member of Ejunkie, but haven’t done anything with it. Clearly, it’s the place to be judging from the success you’ve had with it. 🙂

  • falkor

    Hi Kyle,

    Thats great work. I would like to take making income from my site pretty seriously. It has built up some good traffic, not very good but getting better. What do you suggest is that first thing we goto do? You can find my blog here: Suggestions are most welcome.

    Thanks and regards

  • @ Madhur – Thanks! Keep us updated on your progress!

    @ Mark – It is similar to Clickbank in that they focus on digital products, but newer and (in my opinion) uses more modern technology. I focus on getting people over to the site rather than making the sale because it locks them in for months under my affiliate link. Even if they don’t buy, if they come back and buy a month later I’ll get credit for the sale as well.

    @ Falkor – Nice site! Though this is an affiliate marketing blog, if your site is very general or jumps around a lot, AdSense can often be the best place to start. You need to find affiliate links that much up closely with your site. If you run a weight loss blog, offer weight loss products, etc. 😀

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