Affiliate Income Report – July 2008

Last month I published the second of my monthly Affiliate Income Report series with my June Affiliate Income Report, which is basically a report of how much income is being generated by me via affiliate marketing.  As is the case on most blogs that do similar reports each month, this has grown to be one of my most popular posts, so I figured I would continue it again this month.

July Affiliate Marketing Income Report

So, how’d I do?

  • E-Junkie – $1916.60 ($1279.10)
  • Clickbank – $181.90 ($159.64)
  • Commission Junction – $0.00 ($4.79)
  • Amazon Associates – $10.50 ($0.54)
  • eBay Partner Network – $122.88 ($195.31)
  • Other Miscellaneous Affiliates – $776.00 ($398.35)
  • Gross Income: $3,007.88 ($2,037.73)
  • Advertising Costs/Banners Purchased: $680.20 ($108.00)
  • Total Net Income: $2,327.68 ($1,929.73)

**All numbers in quotes represent the previous months income figures**

July was a very interesting month for me personally.   I dropped promoting some of my BANS sites to see what would happen and it definitely made a difference in a bad way.  BANS is still generating great income though without purchasing PPC income and everything after the first three months has all been pure profit.   I always said that my goal with BANS was to get domains to pay for their own renewals so I can grow my domain portfolio (sitting at about 250 right now).   Going forward, my plan is to take my BANS income and start renewing the domains I want to keep now so that I won’t have so many come up for renewal all at once.  Google also trusts domains renewed out more than a year or two so this may have a positive influence on my site rankings as well.

The other thing you’ll probably notice right away is that both my E-Junkie income and my miscellaneous affiliate accounts both went up quite a bit.   My hope is that this is a trend that will continue, though I haven’t been able to pinpoint which changes made the big difference.   If I figure that out, I will share my findings in a future post!

You’ll also notice the expenses went up quite a bit.   For one, I had a number of domains come up for renewal.  Also, due to my lack of design abilities, I have been purchasing some new logos a few of my sites, and I also managed to make a couple significant domain name purchases that I am REALLY excited about.  I won’t be releasing any details at this time, but I have possession of the domains and will let you know when there are details to announce.

Expectations for August’s Online Income

I mentioned last month that I had a big project I was working on through July, and a couple of days ago you probably saw my announcement of that project, which was the Success with WordPress eBook.  Sales have been good so far and those that have read the eBook have given it some great reviews, so I hope this trend will continue (this income wasn’t disclosed above because it isn’t affiliate generated income).   Remember, even if you don’t want to purchase the book, you can make some extra income by promoting Success with WordPress.  See the affiliate page for additional information.

For the month of August, my hope is simply to get these two new domains developed and started generating some income.  In the meantime, I’m hoping my existing affiliate sites and blogs will continue to generate a similar income to July’s income.