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With Final Release, Firefox 1.5.x is No Longer Supported

Today marks the release of Firefox and Firefox   Why is this significant?  Going forward, Mozilla will no longer be offering updates to their 1.5.x browser any longer so they can focus primarily on the Firefox 2.0.x browser.  Those still using 1.5.x should be prompted shortly to make the upgrade to 2.0.

Apparently this update was highly necessary, as they have reportedly fixed 117 different known bugs including two memory leaks!

Firefox Extension: Better Flickr

I’m not a big user of Flickr, but everyone else seems to be obsessed with the service. If you find you use Flickr a lot and use Firefox as your web browser, there is no reason not to try out Lifehacker’s newest “better” extension, called Better Flickr.

Like the other “better” extensions in this series, Better Flickr makes various Greasemonkey scripts available to you via this extension. As other quality Flickr scripts are created or discovered, they will be added in future releases, therefore allowing you to get the updates automatically (via the Firefox extension update process).

The other extensions in this series (so far) are:

I’m selfishly hoping that they make a Better Facebook extension soon, as there are tons of great scripts available to improve your Facebook experience (many can be found on my Best of: Greasemonkey Scripts post).

Top 20 Free Applications to Improve Productivity has posted a list of their Top 20 Free Applications to Improve Productivity.  These types of lists are always great, if for no other reason than to compare your opinions to others with similar interests.   For example, the author of this post prefers AVG, while I recommend Avast to anyone needing anti-virus software (even over Norton or McAfee).   There are others I would question being included on this list, but I always enjoy reading others opinions.

Despite both serving different purposes, this list combines both free software and web-based applications, so you’ll see a mixture of both sprinkled in there.  If you like free, I recommend checking out this list!

John Chow Releases His eBook for FREE

The master of evilness is at it again, although this time without the evilness.  John Chow has written an eBook and is now giving it away for free!

Why am I giving my E Book away instead of charging money for it? Because I want to put the screws to the E Book industry. 99% of those get rich quick E Books are nothing but scams. The author of those books make their money by selling you worthless information. The market is huge because there really is a sucker born every minute.

Not only is my E Book completely free, but you are free to copy it and send it to all your friends or make it available on your blog. Most E Book marketers use free E Books (which is nothing more than an up sell or one time offer) as a way to build up a mailing list – you have to enter your email address before you can download the book. Not with my book! You can read it online, download it to you comp or print it out and I don’t need you to sign up for anything.

For those interested, you can download the Make Money Online PDF here.  It looks like John has included all of his affiliate links in the eBook as well, so he may make some money off it yet (besides all the additional traffic/links he will be getting to generate revenue). 

Best Mobile Optimized Sites

Saturday I made a significant upgrade in cellular phones which will now allow me to take advantage of many of the mobile services available.   I’ve covered a few on this site, but I wasn’t sure all of the ones available.

I decided to do some looking around and I ran across a great post by the Technology Evangelist offering their Top 11 Mobile Optimized Websites.   They list Google Reader as the best mobile service, with Facebook, Amazon, eBay and GMail as other ones I will probably be using.

The scariest one has to be Twitter, which ranks as number 3 on the list.  Being able to access Twitter from anywhere would be a little chaotic over time.    What internet services do you rely on the most on your mobile phone?

An Early Look at Thunderbird 3.0

CyberNet has posted that Mozilla has updated their Thunderbird Wiki page with early details about Thunderbird 3.0.

Some of the things they are looking at in this version:

  • Easier Account Setup
  • Simple Extension Installation

My hope is that they are working on a tabbing system similar to the one in the Firefox web browser.

Technology Talk – 05/28/2007

Due to a hectic schedule, this is all I have for you today.    Hopefully everyone is enjoying their memorial day!

You Can Now Kick John Chow!

John Chow pulls in more from his website in a month than some of us bring home in an entire year. If this has resulted in you wanting to kick him, you probably aren’t alone! Vincent Chow has created a great game that allows you to kick John Chow. My first kick netted 77,852 meters!

What is your high score?

WordPress Plugin: Buy Me A Beer

There are many sites around the internet that have “Donate” buttons on their sites.  While many times these sites offer great content and are no doubt worthy of a donation, it can be few and far between that it happens.  This can be for a variety of reasons, but more than likely, people just don’t know what is a good donation.

The Buy Me A Beer plugin for WordPress looks to fix that problem.  Studies have shown that sometimes including the power of suggestion can improve your donations by up to 200%!  This plugin places a picture of a beer mug (or coffee mug if you prefer) on your sidebar or at the bottom of each post with a link to donate funds via paypal.  This way you can easily suggest a small amount (such as $3.00 for a beer or $7.00 for a pitcher of beer).

I think this plugin is great and have added it to my sidebar (I think it would get intrusive on each post).  Here is how it looks:

In order to install this plugin, you’ll want to do the normal download the plugin, unzip, and upload it to your FTP client in the plugin folder.  Once this is done, you can add it as a widget to your sidebar, or advanced users can just plop this code where they want it on their sidebar:

<?php buymebeer_sidebar(); ?>

You can also go into options and check a box to add it below each post. 

I have added this to my Best of: WordPress Plugins list.  If you’ve tried this plugin, I’d love to hear how its working for you!

How to: Add Social Bookmarking Links with Icons to WordPress

Since my recent site redesign, several people have told me they love how I set up my social bookmarking icons at the bottom of my posts and wanted me to provide the code and explain how to do so. Here is a quick rundown of my thought process, then an explanation of how to do it on your site.

Why did I want them set up like this? If you’re a WordPress user and looking for an easy way out, there are several great plugins you can use to easily accomplish what I did (without the links next to the icons). The two most popular extensions are WP-Notable and WP-Sociable.

Although you can select which services to use in the control panel, you are still likely going to flood the reader with icons that will serve as more of an eyesore than anything else. The point of these buttons is to encourage bookmarking, digging, etc., so in my mind having little tiny icons defeats the purpose. My setup below seems to be more encouraging to readers to bookmark or stumble articles on this site, which can improve traffic and hopefully increase the amount of readers that return. The icon draws the readers attention and the link encourages it to be clicked.

What is the code needed? Although there are probably 50+ social bookmarking services available to users, only a few are really needed. I went with the only four I feel are truly worth the space on my blog. Here is the code for them:


<a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>&title=<?php the_title(); ?>"> Digg This!</a>

<a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>&title=<?php the_title() ?>"> Add to</a>

Google Bookmarks

<a href="<?php the_permalink()?>/&title=<?php the_title(); ?>"> Google Bookmark It!</a>


<a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>&title=<?php the_title(); ?>"> Stumble it!</a>

I’ve also done some digging around (pun intended) and found a few others that I don’t use, but others may be interested in for their sites. I have not tested them, so please let me know if they don’t work for some reason and I’ll try to get it corrected in this post for other readers.

Netscape It!

<a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>&T=<?php the_title(); ?>&C=<summary>">Netscape it!</a>

Add to Google

<a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>"> Add to Google!</a>

Add to MyYahoo

<a herf="<?php the_permalink() ?>"> Add to My Yahoo!</a>

This is just the code for submitting the URL to the various sites. Now that you have that, you will next need to get the appropriate icons for each service (the easiest way to do this is download one of the plugins mentioned above, then load the icons into your images folder). You can place the images just before the link by typing the following code with the appropriate .png or .gif file immediately before the code provided above for each respective service:

<img src="<?php bloginfo('template_url'); ?>/images/{Name of Your Image}" border="0" alt="tag" />

You’ll want to replace the bolded brackets section with the name of the image (for example, netscape.gif). If you don’t know how to do this, or don’t use WordPress, you can create a free account at Photobucket, upload the images there, and get the URL that it gives you. Insert that in between the first set of quotes.

Hopefully many of you have found this post useful. Please post questions below and I will do my best to answer them. Also, if you have the code for other services, feel free to link to it and I’ll update my post. Enjoy!